Saturday, September 09, 2006

100 things about me

Originally posted on Saturday 26th August:

I came up with this list quite a while back, but I've updated it a little:

1. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve lived here all my life
2. My husband and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary this year
3. I have 3 sons
4. My collection of fitness magazines is threatening to take over the house
5. I was a Girl Guide for 11 years, but only have about 5 badges to show for it
6. I used to join in with the prayers at Guide meetings, then cringe and wait for the roof to fall on me....I'm such a heathen
7. I won an archery tournament when I was 17
8. I love scrapbooking and embroidery
9. My middle son and I share a birthday
10. My youngest son was born on Christmas Eve
11. My eldest son was born on Melbourne Cup Day
12. I hate camping
13. Mosquitos love me
14. I’m a personal trainer and also a part time public servant
15. I have Osler’s disease, which is a pretty unusual hereditary disease - the only thing I'm likely to inherit from my father....
16. I love, love, LOVE wine, especially sauvignon blanc and pinot noir
17. These days, I get drunk on about 2 glasses of wine
18. The day my youngest son was born, I weighed 93kg (204 lb)
19. He was a big baby – 9 lb, 3½ oz – but not THAT big
20. I’m very stubborn
21. I hate handling raw meat. Ick!
22. Luckily for me, my husband does most of the cooking
23. I learned ballet between the ages of 7 and 9
24. I sucked at ballet, so quit and learned piano for 4 years
25. I’ve never been convicted of a traffic offence. Not once in 27 years.
26. OK, so I once got caught by a speed camera, but wrote a letter and they let me off with a warning.
27. I have 3 sisters
28. My parents divorced when I was 6
29. They both remarried soon after
30. I have a stepbrother and a half brother
31. I am a serious chocolate addict and my favourite thing is Boost bars....or Picnic bars...or Tim Tams....or Pods.....Oh, hell, I'll eat anything, long as it's chocolate!
32. I was a blood donor for 20 years, but had to quit on doctor’s orders
33. I’m on the bone marrow donor registry
34. My poor Dad has dementia and is in a nursing home.
35. I’ve done 4 fun runs in the last year and a half, the longest 8kms....Me, the non-runner!
36. I did the 8km run in memory of my friend Jose, who died of breast cancer 2 weeks before the run
37. My parents were born in Australia
38. My grandparents were born in Australia – except one, who was a Kiwi, but that’s close enough
39. I have a dodgy back, and one leg is shorter than the other
40. I love gardening
41. I drive a black Honda Jazz
42. I’d like to drive a Honda S2000
43. I’m a keen photographer
44. My favourite flower is tulips. Or liliums. Or roses…I can never make up my mind.
45. My husband only ever calls me Kerryn when he’s angry with me
46. I have 8 nieces and nephews of my own, and another 5 on my husband’s side.
47. I love English Literature
48. I was never any good at sport at school
49. I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and have all the DVDs
50. I had meningitis when I was 27
51. I get nosebleeds. A lot.
52. I love girlie clothes, but I seem to live in trackpants and t-shirts
53. I hardly ever wear perfume
54. I’ve had surgery 12 times
55. I’m an internet addict
56. I actually like cooking – just don’t do it much
57. I can’t stand corned beef. Or silverbeet.
58. I love maps
59. My natural hair colour is dark brown. Haven’t seen it for years.
60. I have my ears pierced twice but it's been so long since I wore earrings in the second set of holes that they've closed up
61. I don’t like tattoos and will never get one
62. I love building Lego – thank goodness I have little boys.
63. I have low blood pressure – which is... um....interesting when I get up quickly after a bench press
64. I’ve never broken a bone
65. I have a family reputation for being clumsy
66. I worked for a bank for 20 years
67. I met my husband at work
68. I met my best friend at work
69. I hate brussells sprouts
70. I have a reputation as a fabulous dessert cook..…wonder where my weight problems originated?
71. I go a little crazy if I can’t work out
72. My eldest son is 18 – yikes!
73. My baby is 10
74. I’ve had stitches 3 times (see, clumsy)
75. I’m not nice when I get less than 8 hours sleep
76. I love Scrabble
77. I sometimes read the dictionary for fun
78. I’m a pretty good seamstress and used to make most of my own clothes
79. I have asthma
80. I have food “issues” (read: emotional eating) but am slo-o-owly learning to deal with them.
81. I’m afraid of heights...
82. ....And mice, but not spiders
83. I met my husband on the 2nd October 1979
84. We were friends for almost a year before we realised we had a “thing” for each other
85. I’ve travelled to every state in Australia, but haven’t visited the Northern Territory
86. I travelled overseas for the first time when I was 34
87. I’ve been to Fiji and Thailand
88. I’d love to travel a lot more, but will probably have to wait till the kids grow up
89. My house is too small and we have plans to extend it. Or maybe move. No, extend. Wait....move. Yeah, we keep changing our minds.
90. I hate ironing. Hence the huge pile of it in the laundry.
91. I love chicken. I’d quite happily eat it for dinner every day
92. My lemon tart is famous amongst my family and friends
93. I like to do crosswords. And Sudokus.
94. Emeralds are my favourite precious stone.
95. I’m not afraid of the dentist, and I can have fillings done with no anaesthetic. Hmm, does that make me brave, or just a psycho?
96. I have a pathological hatred of being late. Consequently, I'm always early, everywhere we go. Drives my husband nuts!
97. I have tennis elbow (and I don’t play tennis)
98. I’m really pedantic about spelling and grammar
99. I love hot weather, and absolutely abhor winter.
100. Whenever my scales show a weight gain, I have this ridiculous urge to EAT…..

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