Saturday, September 23, 2006

Alone at last!

I've had a busy day of training clients, dashing around the shopping centre in search of essentials like toilet paper, protein bars, probiotics and a hat for the Oaks (What? That most definititely is essential!). And I've just got home to a completely silent and empty house. On a Saturday afternoon? Here's why:

Bike Boy has taken himself and our two youngest little darlings off to spend some time at his parents' place. 350km away. For almost a week. :-D

I love it when my husband and kids disappear for a few days. No, I'm not a heartless, uncaring mother. I just enjoy some occasional time alone. After 20-something years of coupledom and parenthood, "me time" is a rare occurrence. For the first 3 days or so I'm all "Hmm, what fabulous thing shall I do by myself first?". Then the next couple of days, it's less of a novelty. And by about the 5th day, I miss them and want them to come home.

Right now I'm still firmly in the "Whoopee! I have the house all to myself" stage.

Oh....Number One Son is still around, but since he only comes home to sleep, shower and wash his clothes, and is a distinctly nocturnal creature, I'm not likely to run into him.

Suggestions please, for how I should use this valuable time.....


Unknown said...

ahhhh- the possibilities are endless! i'm getting more 'me' time now that the kids have both left home. The greatest, most decadent thing I can do is curl up in the rocking chair and read! With a cuppa of course. In reality what I tend to do is all the house work and stuff that really needs to be done but somehow is sabotaged by other people in the house. Keep us posted on what REALLY happens!

Debstar said...

I know this is housework, but I have had pleasure in going through the kids wardrobes and chucking out old clothes, books and toys. I live with hoarders who won;t let go of anything and its a relief to do a major cleanout.

Something I'm really going to do one day on my own. Spend the whole day in just my undies, read a good book eat chocolates and drink champagne. I figure when I throw up there won't be many clothes to wash.

Kek said...

Well, see above for how I decided to spend this evening. I'm just having a short intermission before movie no. 2.

Might try a Tim Tam slammer with one of these new-fangled strawberry Tim Tams. :p

*goes off to brew up some coffee*

Unknown said...

It sounds like you are having a decidedly decadent indulgent time!! More power to you!

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