Saturday, September 09, 2006

And she's back...with a vengeance!

Originally posted on Friday 8th September:

This week has been a hectic one....I mean, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger (think about it...)

Let's see, I trained at the gym 4 mornings, went to the office 5 days, signed up 3 new PT clients and followed up with 4 potentials, trained my usual clients, wrote a couple of articles for the Amino Z site, got evacuated at work thanks to a bomb scare (false alarm, as it turned out), struggled to stay on top of the washing and housework etc, attempted to pay some attention to Bike Boy and the kids and tried to get enough sleep - almost succeeded too.

But here's the good bit: I'm finally back to all my old weights at the gym and have even increased some of them! :) Woohoo! So it's now almost exactly 3 months since my hysterectomy.......I never imagined it would take me that long to fully recover. Yes, apparently I really do think I'm Superwoman.

My strength is coming on in leaps and bounds - I finally got the leg press up to 135kg (that's almost 300 pounds, if anyone cares) for 4 sets of 10. Now, I know of women smaller than me who can press more than that, but I had a back injury two years ago and had to drop my weights waaaay down for a long, long time. My highest ever load was 160kg in July 2004, but that was only for one set of 6, so I'm pretty darn happy with this week's effort. :-)

I haven't hit my limit yet, either. Watch this space......

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