Saturday, September 30, 2006


Jen came third. Adele took the crown, and I'm sure it was well-deserved. Looks like it's her year - she won the Arnold back in March too. Kim Klein came in second.

I know Jen will be gracious in defeat, but she must be feeling pretty blah right now. Apparently her routine was outstanding - can't wait for some photos to be posted.


Sairs said...

Hmm.. why did I get that sneaking suspicion that Kek would be my partner in anxiously checking websites for Olympia results! Looks like Jen has followed Adela's pattern. Win one year, come in 3rd the next year.... So next year she should win again, following that logic! I'm so stoked for Tanji Johnson though, have always really liked her work, it's great to see her climbing up the ranks!

Kek said...

Sairs, Tanji is absolutely gorgeous! And Jen will be a really good sport, as usual.

I'd love to see the routines - an animal head? WTF?

Why, oh WHY can we not get TV coverage of this event? I'm betting it gets shown on ESPN at some stage (probably midnight on a Tuesday night)...but that channel isn't part of our cable package. *slaps Bike Boy for signing up for the povo Foxtel package*

Let me know if you come across any good links on the net.

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