Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Seems Marie-Claire's idea of "pretty" is.... well, a little different to mine. The title "Figure-flattering underwear for every body" should have been warning enough, really.

The photo of this delightful piece was accompanied by these words: Try a pretty girdle with side supports and high-cut legs under fitted pants and skirts.

Pretty? PRETTY? *rolls around laughing hysterically* Yeah, sure. As long as the fitted pants or skirts stay safely on. This would scare off the most desperate would-be lover.

Then they suggest extra-strong lycra bike shorts for trimming your hips.... Hmm. Maybe you're supposed to go ride a bike in them. That would trim your hips. Although maybe not by that date next Saturday.

This led me to search out some underwear that actually IS pretty (hey, you never know when you might need some emergency lingerie). And I came across - with a name like that, I just had to check it out. Who knew that Americans buy sexy lingerie for Halloween? How peculiar.

Oh, and yes, they really are trashy - they even have a schoolgirl and a burlesque range. Wonder how much credit is left on the fantastic plastic?


Sairs said...

Damn you internet firewall rules! Apparently it is against our corporate policy to allow us to view such things as Why, oh why? Oh, WORK related internet activity you say.. I seeeeee.. Yeah, can't quite see trashy lingerie being justified as a business requirement for us IT geeks? Unless of course they did DILBERT lingerie? Can't wait til the weekend to check out that site!

Debstar said...

Hey how did my undies get on your blogspot??!!!

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