Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day in the life.....

Originally posted on Thursday 24th August:

This was a pretty typical day from last week:

4:30am – Alarm goes off. Curse and hit snooze button.

4:39am – Alarm goes off again. Drag myself out of bed and pull on workout gear, lace up shoes etc. Attempt to tame crazy bed hair. Grab water bottle from fridge, an apple from the fruit bowl and gym bag from next to the front door. Drive to gym, eat apple while driving. Arrive at gym with a few minutes to spare. Sit in car with heater on and listen to the radio until I see my client parking her car.

5:00am – Greet client and have a brief chat about her week while she warms up. Put her through an intense cardio session, doing a few low intensity treadmill intervals alongside her to stay warm (this gym is friggen freezing!). Give her a 10-minute assisted stretching session, organise next week’s appointment, promise to email her some stuff on nutrition.

6:00am – Grab my water bottle, gloves and MP3 player from my bag and get started on my weights workout. Stretch when finished…..if I’m running late, this part gets a little cursory. Head home, stopping on the way to get petrol, milk and anything else we desperately need for breakfast.

7:10am – Arrive home, turn on laptop, open curtains, switch on kettle, put pre-soaked oats in the microwave. Take supplements, stir oats, nuke a bit longer. Wake my two youngest boys, finish making breakfast. Eat porridge and drink coffee while checking my email. Referee at least 3 arguments between the kids and wonder if there’s a limit to the number of times they can call each other “spaz”, “freak”, “retard” and the like in one hour. Check the latest posts on some online fitness forums and get caught up answering some newbie’s question. Realise that I should be leaving in 5 minutes and I’m still in my sweaty gym clothes.

7:50am – Shower in record time, apply makeup and forage through the wardrobe for pants and a shirt that match to wear to the office. Hunt for socks in the laundry basket, find 17 odd socks before finally locating a pair. Finish getting dressed, lock back door, grab cooler bag containing lunch and snacks from fridge, turn off lights and TV, lock laptop up safely. Catch sight of self in mirror and discover that I’ve forgotten to do my hair. Rush into the bathroom, find wax and quickly turn wild gym hair into something vaguely civilised. Realise that one child needs $6.50 for an excursion and another needs a note for being away sick the other day. Rummage through purse for change, write note and make second attempt to get out the door.

8:18am – I am horribly, horribly late. Wave goodbye to 13 y.o., yell at 10 y.o. to stop mucking around and just GET IN THE CAR. Drop him at the school gate, negotiate horrendous traffic to the freeway, then crawl all the way to the office. *sigh* Answer a client call while stuck in traffic and deliver an impromptu pep talk.

9:05am – Park the car and pay the attendant, scrabble in my bag for my building pass, race in the front door of the office and up two flights of stairs (I don’t use the lifts on principle). Stash bags under the desk, unlock drawers and spread papers everywhere so it looks like I’ve been working for ages. ;-)

9:45am – Realise I’m starving, so eat my pear and yoghurt, then go in search of strong coffee. My morning drones on…..

12:00noon – Is it too early to eat lunch? Will I be starving by 3:00pm? Hmm. I’ll wait a little longer….

12:05pm – Give in to boredom and go heat up my chicken, rice and broccoli. Attempt to do the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper. Swear and give up. Go for a short walk. Get distracted by sale sign in dress shop window and go in “just for a look”. Come out with 3 items I don’t really need and a lot less money in my purse. Must remember not to take cash next time I go for a walk.

1:30pm – Get back to office. Has anyone noticed I was gone? Didn’t think so. More boredom ensues.

3:00pm – Drink my protein shake. Go find a friend who works on the other side of the floor and have a good old chat about kids, work and life in general.

3:45 – Oops, have to leave early to pick youngest son up from school play rehearsal. God, the traffic is terrible! Oh well, rehearsal always finishes at least 10 minutes late.

4:35pm - Arrive at school to find that rehearsal finished early and my son is the only child still there. Feel like a terrible parent. Flash the teacher an apologetic smile and escape quickly.

4:45pm – Arrive home. Get changed, unpack shopping bags, ask kids how their day was and what they did. Responses are “OK” and “Nothing much”. So much for quality time. I’m starving, so I grab a small handful of almonds and munch on them while I check emails, answer an enquiry and a couple of client queries, delete 17 spam messages and leave a couple of emails from friends to read later.

5:45pm – Bike Boy gets home all sweaty from his ride and puts something in the microwave to defrost (we’re hopeless - we never remember to do this in advance) while he has a shower. I get the kids’ dinner started, then he takes over when he’s all un-sweaty again. We have 5 minutes of conversation, before I get back to my work, leaving him to take care of things in the kitchen.
6:00pm – Do some work on a program for a new client, ring 2 existing clients and offer some advice on a) working around an injury and b) coping with cravings. Check my website stats and find out where traffic is coming from.

7:15pm – Make a salad to go with the grilled herbed salmon that Bike Boy has cooked for me. Eat dinner and manage a further 5 minutes of conversation in between mouthfuls. Try not to drool at the smell of the curry he’s cooking for himself. Escape back to the computer and leave him to take care of the dishes.

7:30pm – Look up some new recipes for a client, do more program work, make a couple more phone calls, write some notes for my next newsletter. Attempt to do some more work on my tax return. Give up in disgust after 15 minutes of wrestling with the finer points of asset depreciation. Scrounge around for this week’s receipts and enter details in my cash book spreadsheet.

9:00pm – Absentmindedly say goodnight to kids when they come to give me a kiss on their way to bed. Tell them I’ll be in to tuck them in shortly. Finish the program I’m working on, attach it to an email and hit ‘send’. Pick up a pair of dirty socks from the floor, put the kettle on, take clean washing out of the machine that eldest son has forgotten about. Put another load on, make a cup of coffee (decaf this time). Realise I’m hungry again….eat two heaped teaspoons of crunchy peanut butter straight from the jar.

9:45pm - Go to tuck boys in and discover that they’re already sound asleep (see, I told you - bad mother!). Pick up wet towels from the bathroom floor, turn off 3 lights that have been left on in rooms that nobody’s using, hang wet washing on the clothes horse over a heating duct. Quickly check online forums, but don’t post anything because my brain is all fuzzy and I don’t want to sound like an idiot.

10:15pm – Put on pyjamas, pack gym bag, fill water bottles, set out supplements for the morning. Put oats into a bowl and pour water on to soak overnight, organise lunch and snacks for tomorrow. Say goodnight to Bike Boy, who’s doing something clever with his computer and my old electronic piano. Get into bed and attempt to read a few pages of the latest fitness mag, but my eyes keep wanting to close. Smile as I realise that tomorrow I get to sleep in till 5:30am. Whoopee!!

10:40pm – Turn off light and lapse into unconsciousness within 60 seconds.

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