Sunday, September 17, 2006

Domestic tip # 1

Ever needed to know how to get motor oil out of a brand-new, never-worn, black cotton military-style jacket? Well read on - I have the solution.

Here's what happened: Number One Son came home to ask his father's advice on a funny noise his car was making. Bike Boy very kindly offered to help said son service the automatic transmission in an attempt to fix the problem. So they headed off to get the necessary supplies, bought a bottle of transmission fluid and put it in the car boot.....on top of said jacket, which had been left there by Number One Son's friend Bec. - Such a boy thing to do. Of course, Murphy's Law dictated that the bottle would be leaky. Gah!

So Bike Boy comes into the house holding this black cloth object that's dripping oil and hands it to me with the expectation that, being female, and obviously having the getting-stains-out gene (which, as everyone knows is recessive, and has no matching pair on the Y chromosome), I would Know What To Do.

Luckily, we had a visitor at that particular moment - a male friend who, in his younger days, used to drive his mother crazy with stuff like dismantling and cleaning carburettors on the kitchen sink. As I was standing there holding the jacket with my mouth open and a look of horror on my face, he just uttered these words: "Spray N Wipe". I looked doubtful, but it IS a solvent, so I sprayed, soaked and washed the jacket and crossed my fingers.

Whaddaya know? He was right.


Deb said...

Good save! Damn those kids!! ;)

Raw Food Girl said...

Hello Kek, just checked out your b4 photos, wow u have come such a long way! Amazing! Well done
Sandra xxx

Debstar said...

Key Kek, thanks for the compliments re my shucks I think yours is good too. Our blogs must be the best 2 out of the 100. he he he!
I see you got me down on your bloggedy blogs. I can't tell you how amazed and yes honoured I was to see that...really!
Thanks for making my day.

Kek said...

Kids...aargh! Good thing they bring such joy sometimes, otherwise they'd likely have been strangled or sold into slavery much earlier in life....

Thanks Sandra...yup, loooong way from where I started, and I ain't never going back. Huh, sounds like those woords need some country & western music to go along with them. LOL.

Kek said...

Deb, I have way better things to do with my time than read boring crap. Lucky your crap's not boring, then, eh? ;-)

Jadey said...

Good save - I personally would have gone with eucalyptus oil but if it works it works

Kek said...

Ha! I should have asked you, Jadey....being the motoring chick that you are, I bet you've had to get oil out of a few things.

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