Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gardening and glamour

Ah, Spring! The gorgeous blossom on the that on the ground. It's been SO windy the last few days. This morning we also had hail. HAIL. And my beautiful Spring flowers are now in pieces all over the ground. :-(

This is what's left of the camellia blooms by the front porch.

If it ever stops raining and hailing, I'll go sweep them up before they turn to slime and some Jehova's Witness or phone salesman sues me when they slip and break a leg.

On the plus side, all the work I've been doing the last few weeks has been worthwhile. Everything's growing nicely - should be looking good for Summer.

It's a little bare-looking, but it'll fill up as the plants grow.
Gotta work on the lawn though......"alleged lawn", I should say.

My tree fern, that was just a stump a couple of weeks ago, is unfurling nicely. And the big bird's nest fern I inherited from Mum when she moved looks happy where I planted it. My green thumb has been completely dormant for a couple of years, due to lack of time, but I seem to have found it again.


I must say I look ultra-glamourous when I'm working in the garden. Picture this outfit: One pair of size 14 stretch pants (paint-splattered) and a size L grey t-shirt (torn under one arm). I could actually fit a second bum in those pants..... Add my oh-so-sexy men's Blundstone boots, plus hair that's usually in need of a wash and that looks like I just got out of bed. Every time Bike Boy walks past me in this ensemble, he feels obliged to say "God, you're a good-looking woman!" - with heavy sarcasm, in case you didn't guess.

And of course, when dressed in this outfit, I always discover I need something urgently from the supermarket, and nobody else can possibly go. So I scurry in, grab what I need, run to the register....and ALWAYS manage to run into somebody I know. So how come, when I'm wearing my best frock and stilettos, with hair done and make up perfect, on my way out somewhere posh, I never run into anyone I know?

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