Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am strong.....I am invincible....

Sorry, couldn't resist the title. :-)

Since I've been steadily increasing my leg press weights the last few weeks, this morning I decided I'd go for 150kg. Wow, getting close to my all-time PB of 160kg! So I load up the machine with a mix of 5, 15, 20 and 25kg plates and get ready for my first set. I remove the safety and....ugh....lift. Geez, this is hard! Grunting and pulling the ugly face, I squeeze out 8 reps.

Hmm, that was harder than I thought. I check over the plates and add them up again. Holy crap! 170kg! Oops. Maths never was my strong point.

So I unload 15kg and try again with 155kg. Got out two more sets of 8, no probs. WOOHOO! I am an Amazon! Superhuman! Get out of my way or I'll kick your skinny arse! *ahem* Sorry, got carried away there.

Huh. New PB. I'm pretty pleased. Can you tell? :-)


SeLiNa said...

you ARE strong, you ARE invincible, you ARE WOMAN!!!!!!!
Funny that, I've just re-introduced the ol' leg press into my program (same as you - lower back stuff), and today i'm all wobbly legged. I only managed 4 sets 10 on 130kgs :) Happy tho, it's been 2 years since I touched the machine! My goal is 200kgs by Christmas, only for 6 or so!! hehe
My prev best was 180kgs, I somehow managed 3 sets 15... i just kept going and going!!! LoL
Congrats on your PB!!

Jadey said...


I have jus dropped all my weights and going through the movements trying not to aggravate things. I can't wait just to be where I was before so I know the feeling.

Sairs said...

I'm seeing definite potential, to rename the business from FitBodies to KEK KICKS ARSE!!

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