Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inspiration...and maybe just a little insanity

The Olympia is on later this month - the last weekend in September, actually. While Mr & Ms Olympia don't do much for me, I love the figure and fitness divisions, and await the results with excitement.

This year I'd love to see Monica Brant take out the Figure trophy....she always gets pipped at the post since she swapped from the fitness division.

And in Fitness, I'm always barracking for the fabulous Jen Hendershott. She missed the title in the Arnold Classic in March this year, but I'm hoping she'll outshine everyone at the Olympia.

I'd love to look like Monica...but I'm not deluded enough to believe that's possible. For one thing I'm a little old to do outstandingly in the muscle-gaining department. And to look like that, I'd need some serious enhancement in the boob department. Uh, no thanks.

As for Jen, she looks fabulous, and is a very generous, sweet and wonderful person. But her level of fitness is something I can't even imagine, let alone aspire to.

In the real world, a Kiwi acquaintance and fellow BFLer, Kat Millar, competed in her first figure show two weeks ago and placed 2nd in the Novice Short class. The following weekend she fronted up for another go and took out the title. Yay, Kat!! Here she is, looking fabulous!

Of course, to look like these girls, you have to be prepared to do some seriously weird dieting, and suffer all that goes along with it - fatigue, headaches, feeling cold, crankiness, cravings. Oh and did I mention the hunger?

That's what freaks me out and makes me not quite sure I want to do this. Well, that and hanging your bare arse out on stage in nothing but a G-string. In front of strangers. And people you know. Eek!

I have plenty of time to decide - I'm nowhere near competition-ready. I'm struggling to maintain my weight aorund 55kg - these short girls compete in the 42-48kg range! I can't even imagine being that size......

At least I have plenty of inspiration.


Debstar said...

Hi Kek, I've had a jolly good read when I really should be in bed. I've had a really crap time with my diet this week so I'm glad to read that you sometimes struggle too. Next week will be MUCH different.

My favourite in those photos would have to be Monica and yep that's what I'd like to look like too. I think she's had boobie enhancement don't you?

Your boys are gorgeous. A few more years and they'll be chick magnets for sure!

SeLiNa said...

Hey Kekky-babyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
Great to see you in blogland!!! I too, had a great read and giggle catching up on all your previous posts!! I'll be adding you to my contacts list!!
I think you'd be fab in a figure comp :) What a great goal to accomplish!!!!!!!!!!!


Kek said...

Haha Debbie, "sometimes struggle"? I'm not even going to hint at what I've eaten this weekend! Thanks for saying hi. :-)

Selina...glad to hear from you. Filex seems a lo-o-ong time ago now, but I'm saving up for next year. You better be there, Babe!

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