Monday, September 11, 2006

Is there a (spin) doctor in the house?

I was helping Number One Son update his resume recently, and I made a discovery. You can actually take all your worst character flaws, put a positive spin on them and turn them into selling points for prospective employers. How cool is that?

For example:

You’re not impatient, you have a “get it done” attitude
You’re not stubborn – you’re determined and you never, ever quit!
You’re not boring and unimaginative, you’re solid and dependable
You’re not extravagant, you’re generous and giving
You’re not a gossip, you’re a great communicator - and fabulous at networking
You’re not a smartarse, you’re quick-witted, with a great sense of humour

See? Use this system and everyone will want to give you a job. Even if you’re a total loser.

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Jadey said...

Thank shun what a good giggle.

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