Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mildly abnormal

I rang Bike Boy at work on Friday to tell him that I'm "mildly abnormal". To which he replied "And I'm supposed to be surprised?" Haha, funny bugger.

OK, to explain: Those are the words my doctor's secretary used to describe the results of my recent blood tests. I'm actually quite happy about only being "mildly" abnormal. I have these tests done every 6 months (sometimes more often, depending on what they show) to keep an eye on my iron and liver enzyme levels. The liver thing is a bit of a long saga involving these weird benign tumours which are related to my hereditary condition. Anyway, the liver function tests show that things aren't getting any worse, so that's good news.

The more interesting result was from the iron studies. Because of the frequent nosebleeds, I have a tendency to suffer from iron deficiency and occasionally anaemia....and no, they're not the same thing. I put off having the test done, because of the hysterectomy back in June. My haemoglobin levels were good going into the surgery, but my gynaecologist reported afterwards that I'd lost a lot of blood during the op - not enough to warrant a transfusion, but enough that I'd probably be very tired for quite a while.

Now, this didn't worry me particularly, but unfortunately, when he popped into my room to give me this piece of intelligence, Bike Boy was visiting. Uh-oh, talk about lousy timing. My dear husband is always concerned about my health - far more than I ever am - and continually tries to force-feed me steak (ugh!) because of its high iron content. Armed with this tidbit of info, I just knew he was going to be on my case for the next few weeks to eat more red meat. *sigh*

Anyway, I argued and sulked and managed to keep my red meat intake down to my usual twice a week. And I absolutely refuse to take iron supplements unless things get really dire. The side effects are just too distressing to live with. So I was actually secretly concerned that my iron levels would be a little low, which is why I waited 2 months to get the tests done (they were actually due in June). The outcome of the test? Normal. Yay!

Just goes to show that huge amounts of chicken and fish are a good thing. :-) Go, the high-protein diet!

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SeLiNa said...

You? Slightly abnormal and judgmental?!?! LOL of COURSE not!! hehehe I totally pictured your face with the trolley disapproval, but found myself giggling and nodding my head agreeing!! No wonder our world has an obesity problem, and only getting worse.
Hope you have a great week!

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