Saturday, September 09, 2006

My story Part II

Originally posted on Wednesday 23rd August:

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'd just had an epiphany and reluctantly joined a gym.

So I nervously signed up for a year.....a year! An entire 12 months. Well, if I was paying out all this money, I was damn well going to get value. So I immediately started going to the gym 6 days a week. Some cardio, some weight training using the machines. I tried a few classes, but they were so not me. I was still sticking to my improved diet and the weight was slowly coming off.

After about 5 weeks, I was doing some seated rows one day, when I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror....there was something different, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me - my shape was changing! Holy crap! That had never happened before, no matter how much I dieted. My arms were a better shape, and I swear my butt was smaller. My enthusiasm increased, and the changes kept happening. By Christmas I was down 9kg. I decided I wanted to speed things up, so I signed up for a weekly personal training session from the end of January.

My trainer was a sweet girl named Michaela, who somehow managed to get me lifting more weight than I believed I could, and showed me a whole lot of different exercises with free weights - which soon became my new love. 10 weeks later, I was only 3kg lighter, but I could really see a difference in my size and shape.

That was where fate stepped in and Body for LIFE found me. I was flicking through a fitness magazine and came across an ad for the Body for LIFE challenge, which featured Debbie Rossi's before and after photos. If you don't know of Debs, check out her site - she's awesome!

The photos blew me away, and over the next few weeks I kept going back to that page to look at them again and again. But those before/after photos weren't real, were they? Eventually, I noticed a website address at the bottom of the page, which led me to the Australian Body for LIFE online forum...where I discovered a huge group of people doing 12 week challenges. THIS was what I was looking for, the "wow" factor I wanted!

I bought Bill Phillips' book the next day, read it overnight, and committed to starting a challenge the following Monday - which was the week before Easter. Ha! Me, the chocoholic, resisting Easter eggs and hot cross buns! We'd see.....

To be continued...

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