Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Newsflash: Overcoming emotional eating takes a loooong time.

I’m getting a lot better at recognising potential triggers, and have definitely built some good habits that usually get me through the worst moments. - Yes, there was that chocolate incident on the weekend, but I did say usually.

One thing that I’ve discovered about myself is that sleep deprivation and stress are the two things that are most likely to set off a comfort eating episode. Sometimes I can deal with it, sometimes not. Combine the two and I can almost guarantee a rapid downhill slide into food-aholic’s hell, where I can spend days or even weeks stuck in a cycle of poor eating and tortured self-loathing. One day I’m all “Yay, today I ate nothing but tuna, broccoli, strawberries and oats.!” The next, “uh-oh, I don’t suppose Mars Bars and pizza really qualify as carb portions, do they?” Bloody hell, I’m 45 years old – you’d think I’d be capable of behaving like a sane person by now.

Anyway, this week has not been a fun time. For various reasons that I won’t bore the pants off everyone with, I’m having to burn the midnight oil quite a bit lately. (Hint: It's all to do with my dual life as a mild-mannered minion of government bureaucracy and my secret identity as a go-get 'em personal trainer.....or is it the other way around?). Anyway, despite the late nights, I still get up at 5:30 to train. And there’s also a more-than-moderate degree of stress involved in the equation.

So my brain is doing that thing in the afternoons and evenings where it decides that if I won’t SLEEP and let it recharge, then it’ll try to grab some energy some other way. It starts sending me little subversive messages, telling me that I’m hungry or that I need some extra carbs because *insert flimsy-sounding excuse here*.

Next thing I find myself standing in front of the open pantry or fridge in search of food that definitely isn’t on my meal plan (toasted muffins with Vegemite, big handfuls of nuts, Bike Boy’s protein bars - stuff like that). Slim pickings, really – my cheats are normally a little pathetic, since I junk-proof the house pretty well – but it’s amazing what you can stuff yourself with if you try. The mental wrestling match that ensues with my inner sabotaging self sometimes results in a win for me, but sometimes not.

I’d say at this point in the week, we’re about even.


Sara said...

Hello Luvvy!

I'm glad you enjoyed 'Kinky boots'. I especially enjoyed the part where the landlady knocks on the door and says something like 'I was just checking if you were home, and are you a man?' and he says.. 'yes, love, I am' and she says 'I just wanted to know whether to leave the toilet seat up or down'. *snort*

Kek said...

Teehee, that was my fave bit too....

Ta for the recommendation. What should I watch next? :D

SeLiNa said...

hey, great post!!
U n me are alike!!! Again, I was nodding my head agreeing all through that post!!
Stress and fatigue and depression are my triggers, usually. But sometimes when Im happy, excited, on-top-of-the-world with the "I can burn it off later" attitude... and and and... hmmm get the picture! Food is my fave hobby!! LOL

Kek said...

Hmm...does food count as a hobby? *thinks for about one-millionth of a second*.....of course it does! :D

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