Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh, is that today?

Apparently there's some sporting event on in Melbourne tomorrow. Something to do with football?

You may think I'm joking, but footy just completely bypasses my sphere of consciousness. I have zero interest in it. Don't have a team, don't watch it, don't enter footy tipping, don't care one little bit about it. Neither does Bike Boy. Evidently this makes us strange.

One Saturday some years ago, I went to visit my ill grandfather in hospital and was a little surpirsed at the almost complete lack of traffic on the roads. I got to the hospital and found Grandpa sitting up in bed, watching the footy. It dawned on me then that it was Grand Final Day (one must use capital letters for such a momentous event). I honestly had no idea up till then.

What I love to do on GFD is to go shopping. In the afternoon. The shops are completely empty, apart from a few footy tragics racing in at half-time to re-stock their supplies of chips, lollies and beer. I can wander around the supermarket with no kids tripping me up, no people propping in the middle of the aisle blocking my way, no queues at the register. :-) Yay!


Kathryn said...

Omg... so you're the other person I see shopping :) I've been doing that for years and it's heaven. Got a trip to Ikea planned tomorrow.

Deb said...

Not familiar wtih your Grand Finale Day, but I'm with you...go shopping. I don't have the slightest interest in football. Why is it everybody that does seems to think it's just because you don't understand it???? They're partially right. I don't understand it and have NO desire to understnad it. Let em watch, I've got other things to do!

Have a good weekend sister!

Kek said...

Deb, just imagine - I dunno - the Rose Bowl maybe? Some huge football event anyway, and you'll probably get the idea of the level of hysteria and fanatacism that goes on. It doesn't matter what kind of football it is...Aussie Rules, rugby, soccer, American still holds no interest.

The funny thing is, I get comments all the time along these lines: "Oh, you don't like football?" They give a little smirk, while obviously thinking that my being female has something to do with it. "Ah, but your husband's into it, of course?"

Then they look completely stunned when I tell them that Bike Boy couldn't give a rat's you-know-what about it either. LOL.

He's just gone to the bike shop and I'm off to the supermarket. It's 3:20pm - should be nice and quiet now.

Kek said...

Kathryn, yep that's me. Damn! I should have thought of furniture shopping...oh well, groceries it is.

Debstar said...

When I was a kid there was a ritual in our house. Every Wednesday my dad would put his footy gear on and then sit down to watch the match, mum would moan about having to watch footy AGAIN but 20mins into the game dad is sound asleep and mum would be right into it cheering etc. It happened every week without fail and was funny to watch my oldies in action. That was in the days before Packer made up a super league in rugby league. I've never watched at match since those days.
I did play rugby - full contact - for a season. Like every sport I've been involved in I love the game just can't stand watching it on TV.

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