Saturday, September 16, 2006

Party on!

To top off last night's celebrations, we stayed up till almost midnight....we're such party animals .... and finally got to watch A History of Violence on DVD, with Viggo Mortensen.

It was good actually, although I'm not so sure about Viggo's acting abilities. He only seems to have one facial expression - kind of bemused. And I thought he was pretty hot as Aragorn, but as an ordinary bloke, he's just kind of....well, ordinary.

Come to think of it, I like Orlando Bloom much better. Minus the weird long blonde hair of course.

Getting back to the movie, there was plenty of violence - not as much as in a Tarantino film (that would be hard to beat), but enough to keep a man's interest.


Here's a little tip for free: Don't overindulge in alcohol (and food) and stay up late when you need to be up early to go train a client. I'm not sure that he noticed my lack of energy, pale face, or the forced smiles, but the continual yawns may have given me away. And perhaps the fact that my pants were on backwards....which I discovered about 4 hours later.
Then again, he's a man, and they never notice stuff like that. Phew.


Debstar said...

I saw that movie with some girlfriends when it first came out. Now our question was: In that scene when she comes out in the nick did you notice that she had some serious waxing done "down below"? Now if you're married for that long with a kid, live in a small country town and it obviously isn't summer and bikini time then would you really want to be waxing the muff?? Oh and would you really want to be bonking on the stairs - it hurt just watching that! God I'm showing my age when I analize such scenes.

There was a guy in our cinema who fell asleep at the end and started snoring really loudly, we just fell about laughing. He eventually snorted himself awake looked around all embarrassed and took off. I thought that end bit was pretty boring so snoory guy provided the entertainment.

By the way if you're looking for a movie to share with the boys try March of the Penguins. I thought I wouldn't like this movie being a doco. and all but I was rivited from start to finish.

Kek said...

God Debbie, you're as bad as Bike Boy! He analyses every movie and book to death and then gives me his report on all its flaws. Which usually kind of spoils my enjoyment.

Perhaps I should set him an assignment - to watch every one of Ingmar Bergman's movies and analyse THOSE. Or would that be too cruel?

Unknown said...

Hey Kerryn I took your advice about the shopping! Tins first, fruit and veges second. difficult was that to work out??? No squashed bananas for me this week!!!

Kek said...

Ah, my brilliant plan worked! Perhaps I should patent the idea and make a fortune? LOL.

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