Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I took this photo tonight, and I've been peering at it, trying to decide whether I can see any increase in muscle mass since April (that's the April me below...or was it March?). The fact that I was very lean back then - and obviously I'm not now - kind of clouds the issue.

I think my shoulders and lats have gained a little size....but I'm really not sure. Of course I'm completely crap at objectively assessing my own progress - that's one thing I have learned along the road to fitness and fabulousdom. Fabulosity? Fabularity?

I was NOT about to don a bikini for this shot. Think I'll wait till I complete my next cycle of cutting the flab for that little treat. Whenever that may be.

So - ignore the bad hair and the slightly demented expression (hey, try taking photos of yourself and see how good you look!), but will someone please tell me that I'm getting somewhere?

Why did I not realise that gaining muscle was going to mess with my head and totally freak me out? *pokes self for being so ridiculous*

Ah, I'm over it. Eating's clean this week, training's great, and I'm even getting some cardio in. So all is well. Of course sleep is a whole other thing.

Off to beddie-byes for me shortly. Promise. *yawn*

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