Friday, September 29, 2006

Signs of summer

I know that summer is coming, because I found mangoes in the fruit shop today - and they're not imported. I don't actually like mangoes. They look pretty and I quite like the taste...... and anything that sends rivers of juice running down your chin has to be a good thing..... but the SMELL! Eeuww!

Anyway, I bought 3 unripe ones because I decided to put in a request for Bike Boy's special Thai fish curry with green mango for dinner tomorrow night. So I'm rummaging through the pile of mangoes, choosing the greenest ones I can find. And the guy who owns the fruit shop comes over with a horrified look on his face and says "No, no, too green!" and starts to pick out some ripe ones for me. And I laugh and say "No, I WANT them green - for a curry". He gave me a really strange look, but obligingly helped me find another green one anyway.

I also spotted passionfruit and some early grapes. And the blueberries no longer require you to take out a second mortgage to pay for them.

Roll on hot days and juicy, ripe, summer fruit.

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