Saturday, September 09, 2006


Originally posted on Tuesday 22nd August:

Fact: A cockatoo's screech can easily reach 104 decibels. - I know this, because I looked it up on the internet. :-)

The reason I was prompted to Google fascinating cockatoo facts is because about 50 of the buggers fly over our house every single morning and every single evening, screeching and squawking as they head for their favourite food source. Which is obviously somewhere nearby - but is not my almond tree, since it has no nuts on it. Yet.

Come December, my husband will entertain me for hours by frequently running out the back door and throwing things at the cockies that dare to land in our tree, manfully scaring them off. Of course, the second he leaves, they come right back.

I must remember to take a photo this year. It's hilarious....especially when he's had many beers. LMAO!

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