Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thanks for the heads-up

My email this morning included a business enquiry, a couple of messages from clients, 3 spam messages (is anyone stupid enough to think that Jollity P. Excitement might be an actual person?), a forwarded joke AND the news that Sussan is having a sale today! :-D

Better leave my cash and credit cards at the office if I go out for a walk at lunchtime, or things could get ugly.......


Training this morning was gooooooood! I upped the weight on DB flyes and alternating DB lunges, and just for fun, threw in a couple of sets of reverse lunges off a step. I think I may actually be crazy. I mean, who thinks any kind of lunges are FUN?

I'm thinking about trading gyms at the moment. My girlie gym is nice, close to home and hardly anybody uses the free weights, so it's been working well for me. BUT...the downside is that they only have girlie weights. I'm using the biggest dumbbells they have for legs, and I'm running out of barbells too. So, the new year might just be the time to move on.

There's a new gym nearby that I'm going to check out next week, just to see what they've got to offer. The local Y's no good, although they do have a good pool - people are packed in like sardines in the weights room (ugh!). My other option is the skanky gym where I train clients. Plenty of equipment there, but also plenty of gorillas heaving gigantic weights around with really bad form. You can almost smell the testosterone......oh hang on, that might be sweat. And it's a bit further away, so more time needed for travelling.

I'll have to think about it and make a decision before Christmas. Which, by the way, is only about 12 weeks away.


Kathryn said...

Maybe you could badger the girlie gym to get some heavier weights... although if no else uses them they may not be keen.

I don't understand that - free weights are so much more fun than machines. At my gym, they have this whole big machine for doing bicep curls!!!

Btw I checked out your pics below. There's definitely more muscle in the arms :)

Kek said...

Well Kathryn, at my gym, they seem to think that in order to become "toned", weeny weights and sets of 15 are the way to go. Heaven forbid that you should lieft big weights or grunt sweat... or act in other unladylike ways. And they don't generally train arms or shoulders (WTF?) just legs, abs, chest and back.

I'll be putting a request in the suggestion box, don't worry - not that it'll do any good.

Thanks for the positive feedback - I know my arms are fatter... hopefully they're also a little more muscular.

Sara said...

I'm still not over the dessert thing. Yes she DID eat the WHOLE THING. I was sitting right beside her and am an eye witness to 'the event'. That is Billy Idols motorbike behind Kek.

Kek said...

OMG Sara, your nose is going to grow a foot long! Didn't your Mum tell you it's wrong to fib? *pokes you*

I SO did not eat the whole thing!

The bit about Billy Idol's motorbike is true though. That was really cool!

Jadey said...

I can recommend Genesis - Fabbo Gym! (At least mine is)

Kek said...

Thanks Jadey, I've been to a Genesis gym (Phat Camp last year) and it was impressive, but unfortunately they ain't everywhere.... :-(

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