Monday, September 11, 2006

Toxic Custard??

I can't for the life of me recall how I found this site. *thinks* I know I Googled something.....several hours ago...... but anyway, whatever - it's hilarious!

Here's a little gem of Australian foodie culture:

Q. I have heard of a technique called "shotgunning a TimTam" could you explain how this is done? - Di, UK

A. Ah, Tim Tams - quite definitely the food of the gods.

Now, as for shotgunning a Tim Tam... some might not have heard the term before (it's also known as the Tim Tam Slam), but I know precisely what you're talking about, as I suspect do most Australians with Tim Tam experience.

I wasn't quite sure if this Tim Tam secret could be revealed to people who aren't Australian citizens, but today I've been on the phone to to the various interested government departments, and to Arnotts, and I have got the all clear to reveal all, provided you all find a packet and try it.

The steps:

  • Prepare a drink. It can be hot or cold, whatever your preference. Milk is my favourite, but coffee is good for those who like the stuff.
  • Take Tim Tam from the packet, and try to resist the temptation to just scarf it all down.
  • Take a small bite out of one corner. Let your tastebuds wallow in it for a moment, then take a small bite out of the opposite corner. Ditto.
  • Dip one end into your drink
  • Suck. Go on, SUCK!
  • Your drink will come slowly up into your mouth, along with little bits of Tim Tam. Mmmmm....
  • Keep going until the Tim Tam hull integrity is breached. You'll know this is happening when the whole thing starts to collapse in your hand. Gobble it up pronto, and allow your tastebuds to enjoy what is best described as a tastebud orgasm.
  • Find the packet and return to step 2.

For more such fascinating info on language, culture, sport and all things Australian, check out Toxic Custard. I mean, who knew that there was a McDonald's on top of Uluru?

Funny, I feel like a Tim Tam now. Good thing I have none in the house.


Tracey said...

That was so funny to read your tim tam slam thing today considering last night as per my post I did the same thing but I was good ;) I used cadbury lite hot chocolate, made just on water, was so yummo, double chocolate tim tams, yummmmm

Kek said...

Uh...Tracey, I wish I lived in YOUR world, where Tim Tam slammers (with the double-choc ones!) are "good", long as you have a lite hot choc. LOL.

I'd rather have coffee. Mmm. Next free meal, perhaps. Is it wrong to eat the entire packet?

Jadey said...

hmmm - now I want a tim tam - damn you!

Sairs said...

When I was a kid *ahem - not THAT long ago thank you very much!!* we used to call this Bonking Tim Tams. Ironic really, to this day I'd probably more likely to snuggle up for a bonk with a Tim Tam than a bloke... Unless of course I could get my hands on that genie from the Tim Tam ad and have BOTH??!! Phwoar!

Kek said...

BONKING Tim Tams, Sairs? Uh huh.

I never knew this divine experience had a name till someone called it a TT Slammer a couple of years back.

Jadey...put down the Tim Tam and back away slowly. That's it. No sudden movements. Good girl.

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