Saturday, September 23, 2006

Two-thirds of my offspring

The Baby started karate classes a few weeks ago, and has really taken to it. He was so excited to finally get his Gi, so he looks just like all the other kids. Next he'll be dying to trade his white belt for a coloured one.....He seems to think he'll surpass The Middle Child (who has a purple belt) some time soon. I won't disillusion him.

And here's the Middle Child, doing what 13 year olds do best - reclining on the couch with several remote controls within reach.

Nope, no piccies of Number One Son - he's never home long enough for me to aim the camera at him. Unless I catch him sleeping. Mmm, maybe not - it's not a pretty sight: a snoring, drooling man. spreadeagled across the bed in his lairy Simpsons boxers.....


Deb said...

Are they all built the same? My 16 year old takes Tai Kwon Do. Both my boys could work a remote in their sleep (eyes closed)! Too funny!!!

Kek said...

Yes, Deb they obviously ARE all built the same.

Hitting things and gadgets with buttons - things boys the world over love!

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