Sunday, September 17, 2006

Uh-oh, it's the Goodyear Blimp!

I went to the gym this morning. I don't normally go on Sundays, but tomorrow I have a hectic morning with an early client and needing to be at the office early as well. Which doesn't leave enough time to squeeze my own training in. So today was the day for shoulders and legs.

As I started doing my lateral raises, I looked in the mirror and blinked. God, I was looking positively huge! Now, I know I haven't been eating all that strictly the last couple of weeks, but on Friday morning I recall I was actually pretty pleased with how I looked....considering. My muscles are coming along nicely and the flab was at an acceptable level. So what the hell happened in 2 days?

Let's see.....I had alcohol on Friday night. More alcohol on Saturday night - that was all Bike Boy's fault, he twisted my arm. Honest. Then there's the extra carbs I've eaten the last couple of days. Blueberry Danish for yesterday's meal 2? What was I thinking? Plus I remember commenting about how salty the food tasted to me at the restaurant on Friday night. Funny how I never noticed before that Indian food is chock-full of salt, but after a few months of eating a very low-sodium diet, I've become really sensitive to it. And I didn't really drink enough water the last couple of days either.

So, alcohol, salt, too many carbs, not enough water. Yup, that'd do it. I think I have the answer to why I'm suddenly all puffed up and squidgy. And the (obvious) solution. *sigh* Back to proper eating today.

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