Saturday, September 16, 2006

We apologise for the interruption to our regular programming

Getting back to the theme of this blog.....what? You didn't realise there WAS a theme amongst all my waffling? Well, you see, it is supposed to be kind of a fitness thing.....

These days I train a little differently to the Body for LIFE method. Not that it's a bad method of training, far from it. But you can't do the same thing forever, can you? My meal plan is pretty close to BFL, although it isn't so strict about getting protein & carbs with every meal. Some are pretty much all carbs, others are just protein and vegies, but the ratios would be about the same. - Ish.

I went and got myself a trainer back in January - as I tell my clients, everybody needs a trainer. Even trainers need trainers. So Jane Tabban (that's her on the left - although she looks a little different now, being about two-thirds of the way through her second pregnancy) has been the one who keeps me on the straight and narrow, and lets me off the hook from having to think about what to eat or how to train. Yes, I admit it, I am basically lazy when it comes to my own programs.

My first 12 weeks really opened my eyes to what can be achieved with intense weight training, lots of moderate cardio and a really clean diet. 11kg disappeared...who knew I even had 11kg to lose? Bike Boy says I was too skinny, but I tell him that's just cos I needed more muscle. I liked my bodyfat percentage down around 12-13%. The no free meals sucked quite a bit, but it was worth it.

Anyway, I'm currently changing my weights program from 4 sets of 10 to 3 sets of 8, trying to get some muscle growth happening. Which means upping the weights. I actually surprised myself with Friday's back/triceps workout and made some decent increases in my weights. Since back is possibly my weakest body part, I was pretty pleased with that. :-D Tomorrow is shoulders/legs, so we'll see how that goes.

I used to visit this site regularly, but when I got my very own laptop back in whenever-it-was (March?), I lost all my favourites - Bike Boy forgot to save those for me when he transferred all my files over. So I only rediscovered the other day, and I've been busily catching up on the new stuff Krista has posted. I love this girl!
I especially love the squat photo on the main page. Nice form, Krista!

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Deb said...

Kek, thanks for stopping by my blog...lovin yours as well! Reading your profile makes me feel like we're kindered spirits. Funny how everyone does just fine without most of our time?!? LOL ;)

I've stumbled upon in the past....thanks for reminding me she's out there!

Good luck on tweaking your weight training. The slighest changes can give you big gains!

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