Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's in your trolley?

A trip to the supermarket the other day made me realise something about myself - I’m a very judgmental person.

I was waiting at the checkout with my full trolley (as usual, there were 3 registers open and about a hundred customers waiting), so to pass the time I flicked through the trash magazines. Hmm. ‘Diets of the stars’, ‘How to get a bikini bod for summer’, ‘Fantastic new Hollywood diet’, ‘Nicole Ritchie anorexia fears’, ‘Kirstie Alley blows out’. *Yawn* That got old really fast. Who buys those things anyway?

So, I was idly looking around at the people waiting in line and I started looking at what was in their trolleys. MAN, people buy some crap! I’m eying off the giant bags of potato chips, family-sized packets of lollies, truckloads of biscuits, frozen pies and pizzas, economy-sized bottles of soft drink, tubs of ice cream…..and not a fresh vegetable in sight. Then I looked at my trolley: yoghurt, quark, fruit, cans of tuna, skim milk, veggies, rice, rolled oats, a few protein bars (they’re for Bike Boy), a truckload of skinless chicken breasts. And a lot of toilet paper – how come we go through so much of that? Anyway, I realised that I was pulling my “disapproving” face. And feeling more than a little superior. Er….does that make me a bad person?

Then I thought back to when I was overweight – did I used to shop like that? Funny, but no, I didn’t. When I was growing up, we ate good basic food. Sure, it was carb-heavy, and yes, it included a fair bit of salt, white flour and sugar, but it also included a lot of fruits and veggies, milk, meat and fish….. and some small treats. Soft drink and chips were for birthday parties or other special occasions, not an everyday thing. After-school snacks were usually fresh fruit. And once a week we got a small bag of lollies (if I remember correctly, it used to cost 5c….now I’m showing my age).

I carried over those habits into my married life and enforced the soft-drink-is-for-parties rule with my own kids. My weight problems resulted more from how much I ate (and OK, from not exercising) than from what I ate.

It seems that there is a whole generation – or maybe two – of people who have absolutely no idea about what constitutes healthy eating. And from the contents of most people’s trolleys, they don’t know how to cook either. It’s all frozen meals, ready-made sauces and so on.

Of course, when I shop for one of the kids’ birthday parties and buy the obligatory ice cream, chips, soft drink, party pies etc, I keep a watchful eye out for anyone I know, especially clients. After all, I wouldn’t want them casting a critical eye over the contents of my trolley and judging me.

So, what's in your trolley?


Debstar said...

Oh Kek that is so me!!! Everything you said except I didn't get a bag of lollies but a violet crumble bar every Friday night.

It always freaked me out how much I had to pay for a birthday party full of junk food, and to think some people eat like that always!!

Oh yeah, and once I did run into a PT at the shopping centre and I couldn't help but look in her trolley. Lots of fruit and baked bans...why did I take notice of how much baked beans she had?

Kek said...

OK, confession time....I went to the supermarket tonight and bought the following:
- a loaf of bread
- a bag of dog food
- a tray of chilli cevaps
- a 6-pack of yoghurt for the kids
- a punnet of strawberries
- a pack of fruit fingers (you know, those chewy snack things) for number 3 son
....and here's where it gets ugly:
- a Boost bar
- a box of Pods
- a pack of garlic & cheese twists

Was I furtive? Did I scurry to the register quickly, hoping to avoid meeting anyone I know? You betcha!

Hey, at least I resisted both the bottle shop and Bakers Delight on the way out of the shopping centre.

So, I'm a hypocrite. Sue me.

Unknown said...

cat food! cat food! cat food! that's all I seem to buy lately. They eat far more than we do! And why do I always buy the fruit and veges first so they end up in the trolley UNDER all that cat food?????

Kek said...

Linda...just how big are your cats? LOL.

As for the squashed fruit & veg - I used to have that problem, but then I had the brilliant idea of starting at the other end of the supermarket, so the fruit & veg was the last thing I added to the trolley. I know, I know, I'm a genius. :-D

Unknown said...

ahhhh- sheer genius! Now why didn't I think of that! lol
And as for the cats- I think they're getting fatter by the hour and I'm getting poorer!

Tracey said...

The trolley thing is funny, I am like that, actually it is funny that when I am out shopping with my boys & run into someone I know they then have a second take at what they have put in there trolley especially after my son has conveniently pointed out to them that he would love to live at there house because they have lollies, chocolate, chips, biscuits, soft drink, cordial etc, etc, etc in there trolley.

Actually made one of my friends ashamed of what she bought!

Kids they are so honest. My son always says "Mum we eat lots of healthy stuff hey, we don't eat much junk at all do we".

Sairs said...

Do you know, I think that once you get to a certain size, someone genetically implants a "tut receiver". I shop at the gorgeous Adelaide Central Markets, stock up on stacks of fruit and veg, free range chook and of course, the ever present eggs. (Just 12 dozen this week thanks....)
So all I go to the supermarket for is the bits that aren't fresh produce. Toot paper, toothpaste, soda water etc. Occasionally, being involved in adult education, I have need to stock up on those training necessities:
- Kool Mints
- Fantales
- Starburst jellies
- etc etc
I was standing at the register with those in my trolley a couple of weeks back, and I swear, there was an AUDIBLE 'tut tut' from behind me. Oh yeah, sure. Like my diet is really only made up of loo roll and fru-chocs.
You weren't shopping in Adelaide that weekend were you Kek??! :-)

Kek said...

Haha Sairs, you're a crack-up! Nope, wasn't me - Adelaide's a little far to go for my groceries.

At least I've lured you out from wherever you've been skulking....

Tracey, my kids constantly embarrass me with the things they say in public. Don't get me started...

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