Monday, September 25, 2006

With a little help from my friend

Yes, I made it through the day, with the help of my friend, caffeine. Ah, lovely, lovely coffee! I had one at home this morning, one from Gloria Jean's, one from the work cafeteria, a cup of instant when I was flagging about 2:00pm, another when I got home, and I'm having one more now. Uh-oh, that makes 6, if my calculations are correct. Wonder if I'll sleep tonight? LOL.


I just realised how much "stuff" my husband and kids do around here. I got home from work, stripped the sheets off the bed (meant to do that on the weekend, but oops), removed Number One Son's washing from the machine and put it in the dryer, loaded my sheets and programmed the washer. Then I checked my email....only 12 today. Phew. Closed the curtains, fed the dog, opened the mail, checked the answering machine. Cut up the chicken that I didn't get around to yesterday, cooked 6 portions, bagged another 5 and put them in the freezer. Cooked a big pot of rice, chopped vegies for a couple of lunches. Peeled, sliced and cooked some sweet potato, put the extra in the fridge and served up my dinner. Washed the dishes and cleaned "the George" (my George Foreman Grill).

Hmm, out of all that, I would usually washing and the email? OK, enough me time. *waves hand imperiously and puts on haughty voice* Minions, return at once - your services are required!


I was surprised when I got home and found a business card stuck in the door. Huh, real estate agent? - Possibly. Debt collector? Nah, I've paid all the bills.

Handwritten on it in big letters were the words "CALL ME!" Bugger! It was my friend Gus, who lives a lo-o-ong way away - he was obviously in town and had dropped in on the off-chance that I was slacking off at home. Bugger, bugger, bugger! Haven't seen him for over a year (and feeling guilty about it), and now I've missed him.

All's well though - I rang him and he's in town for the week, so we've made a date for Thursday to have lunch. Yay! I love this guy, we go back years (we went to school together, hung out together, got drunk together, you know, fun stuff like that) so I'm really looking forward to catching up. :-D

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