Monday, September 25, 2006


I got to bed a little late last night, but was dreaming peacefully by 10:30. Then the phone rings at 11:30. Who the hell is ringing me at this hour? I answer unintelligibly: "Unh.....hlo?" It's Number One Son. Of course. "Mu-u-um, my car won't start, can you come and get me?". Ugh. It's my parental duty to collect stranded offspring at whatever hour of the day or night, isn't it?

So I drag myself out of bed, find my runners and lace them up, grab car key, house keys and phone and, still in my pjs, go to the rescue. He's standing in the car park at Hungry Jack's where he works, in the dark, looking mighty unhappy. "Can you have a listen to this, and tell me if it's the battery?" Yeah, like I'd know. He turns the key and the car sounds like it's going to start, but doesn't. I'm no help at all with cars.....wish Bike Boy was here. All I can offer is the suggestion that he leave the car, get some sleep and call the RACV in the morning. It's too cold and dark to be hanging around waiting for them now - especially since he's not a member, so will have to go through all the joining rigamarole over the phone.

I drive him home, listening to him whinge about the inconvenience and probable cost, and go back to bed, but I can't get back to sleep. Aargh. I toss and turn. It's 12:30 and my alarm is set for 4:30. Great.

I did manage to get up, trained my client, got through my back/triceps workout, have now had breakfast and I really should be getting ready for work. But I'm having trouble moving off the chair. Perhaps another coffee first.....


Kathryn said...

I'd definitely be getting him joined up to the RACV so he can ring them next time. Hope his car doesn't need too much $$$ spent on it.

Kek said...

Well, he joined the RACV, waited for the guy to show up and in his words "he was a rude prick!". He got the car started, without actually doing anything, didn't know what was wrong with it exactly, but advised son that he should get a tune-up.

Son rings Bike Boy, who suggests checking the spark plug leads. Yep, one was loose alright. What, the RACV guy couldn't have figured THAT out?

Son is NOT happy about the $$ spent on membership, after that little effort. Still, he'll be driving back and forth to uni in Woop-Woop next year, so I guess it's just as well he's covered. - Might save his parents from having to traipse off on rescue missions.

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