Monday, October 16, 2006

All hail the conquering hero!

Bike Boy made it around the bay yesterday, although he was a little peeved that it took him 2 hours to get across the water (queuing for ferry tickets, waiting for the ferry, getting ON the ferry, the actual trip, queuing to collect bikes and get OFF the ferry.....). But he enjoyed the ride, and felt so good at the finish that he decided to ride the extra 20-odd kms back to where he left the car in the morning, instead of taking the train as planned. See - crazy!

So he got home in the dark and was excitedly showing me all the numbers on his little bike computer gadget thingy - how many hours he spent riding, how many kms, average speed, average heart rate, highest speed, blah, blah. Well he was excited by it all anyway. He loves his electronic friends, computer, Palm organiser, bike thingies, mini disc player, electronic metronome, heart rate monitor (hang on...that's MY HRM!). His other nickname is Inspector Gadget.

Anyway, 250+ kms cycled in a day - not a bad effort. He celebrated with 1/2 a pizza, a couple of beers and a good stretching session.

He's just a little bit tired today - he decided to sleep in and go to work late. Funny about that.

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Jadey said...

Crazy man! Doesn't his Bum Ache badly after that? I'm a gadget girl too - wearing my HRM , got my iPod nano, GPS nav system is the latest purchase. Got a pda already plus of course the latest and swishest mobile :P LoL Sad sad

They make you work better though I swear!

BTW please note this is the second visit I have made to your blog today - you haven't dropped the coffee have you :p

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