Saturday, October 21, 2006


Just for the record - I am NOT a runner!

This week has been extraordinarily busy for me, and it's been impossible to fit in cardio, apart from a walk on Moday. On top of my workload, I've had Bike Boy away interstate, late school pickups, and by the way, that rain we were promised all week didn't arrive till Friday, so did I mention that it takes 2 hours to water my garden? ....Well, it does if I do it properly.

So, I had a couple of clients who wanted/needed to do cardio sessions and I thought it would be a good idea to join in. You know, extra motivation for the client to have me working alongside them instead of just yelling at them, plus I get to do some exercise as well. Win-win, see? So on Thursday I had an outdoor session at a park and I walked, jogged and (ugh!) pop-squatted with my client and THEN made her do wind sprints....which I thought would be great for me to do too. What was I THINKING?

Friday I took a client for an outdoor session at a local athletics, is that a great place to take clients! I forgot all about it till recently - we used to use it for our high school athletics days. So I did almost the entire session with her - forward running, backward running, running with knees high, then heels high, more pop squats, jump name it. And then more wind sprints.

This morning, my quads are a little unhappy (pop squats!) and my hamstrings have turned into concrete - no stretch left in those babies at all. And weirdly, when I run, I always get sore adductors - what is THAT about? I must have some really weird running style.... So I'm moving with all the grace and speed of a 95-year old today.

But....I got my cardio done and I really do feel good about that - it's the part of my training I always manage to wriggle out of somehow.

This morning I'm doing some fitness tests on a client, including a 2.4km run test. Yeah, I think I'll sit that one out.

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