Saturday, October 21, 2006

But I'm bo-o-o-o-ored!

I've been out training clients, or sitting at the computer working my butt off all day today. Meanwhile, Bike Boy's been busy shopping for meat and other essentials, cooking up a big dish of lasagna for the rugrats' dinner, screwing a good price out of Telstra on a fancy new phone for me with Bluetooth (whatever that is....) and other important stuff. Number One Son has been out working all day....or drinking beer, I'm not sure which - he seems to spend equal time doing both. And the Middle Child rode his bike over to his mate's house for an afternoon of X-Box games or something. That left The Baby bored, crabby and apparently with no choice other than to annoy the crap out of his parents by constantly whining "I'm bored!" or standing 2 inches behind me, breathing down my neck.

So after I completed and emailed another program to a client, I decided to take him to the shops, just to shut him up. He got to browse amongst all the electronic games and consoles, books, toys and other such delights. He also got a cookies 'n cream ice cream AND a new book. And while we were there, I picked up a new lingerie set - very noice too...all pink satin with black stripes. But more importantly, I was VERY excited to discover that K Mart had these:

I have been desperate to get hold of some of these little mini EasiYo containers. So-o-o cute! And a bargain price. And if anyone hasn't tried the ice cream, it's divine! And full of all those good bacteria too, so you can feel absolutely guiltless eating it. Plus the big containers now have a flip top thingy, so you can pour your drinking yoghurt without making one hell of a mess.

If you look very carefully, you may notice Shawn Phillips' abs over there behind my stack of EasiYo products......mmm, the man is just gorgeous. Of course, I bought the book for all the fab training info, and not to perve at black and white pics of a hunky guy. *ahem*


Debstar said...

I know what you mean about the baby being bored, I have one here doing the same thing. I'm going to have to look out for those easiyo containers at Kmart. I'm having a hell of a time finding them anywhere here.

Sairs said...

I hear ya Kek! I bought that book purely for anatomical information to help with my massaging.
If I do have to spend hours looking at pictures of Shawn with no shirt on, well, that's just the price you pay for being well educated! :p

MTB Girl said...

I hope you had a good day today Kek....I'm off to search for some of those little Easiyo containers too, and I'll have to try the icecream :P

Sairs - quit procrastinating and get back to your study :D

Kek said...

If you can't find the Easiyo thingies in the shops girls, try their website:

I have some drinking yoghurt brewing right now. Yum!

And Sairs, I second Amanda's comment - stop procrastinating! Cos it's not like I ever do that...

MTB Girl said...

No, Kek, I don't procrastinate at all either...especially when it comes to studying :P Sairs and I have an exam on the same day - Thursday this week - eek!

Sara said...

Me too, me too, I could totally stare at my Easiyo containers for hours and hours..... or have I got the wrong idea...?

Oh.. I see.. Shaun Phillips.. ahh. mmm *lost for words*.

Sairs said...

Now Ms Kek... I have come here for some more good quality procrastinating, to find no Sunday blog entry! What the?
Don't tell me you actually HAVE a life outside of keeping us entertained?
Boo, that means I have to go and read more about building Activity Based Cost Models.. Please post again soon to save me from this fate!! :D
Hope you had a great Sunday!

Kek said...

Please excuse me for failing you, Madame Sairs. Alas, I fear there is no Monday entry either. Seems I'm up to my whatsits in new client programs at the mo' and haven't a moment to spare. I'm sure I'll make up for it later in the week.

Meanwhile, you'll just have to go hang out at Sara's blog. Or Jadey's. Or somebody who has a spare minute.

I'm off to bed - just got ANOTHER subtle hint (not!) from Bike Boy about it being 10:00pm and having to get up at sparrow's fart....

Sara said...

Yah, you can head over to my blog where today I stoop to bowing and scraping at the bumper of a BMW car.. saved my life it did. :O)

And when Kek says she will make up for lack of posts, you can be SURE she means it.

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