Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cars and shopping

I went shopping with Mum yesterday...had to do something to fill in the 4 and a half hours it took for my car to get its 60,000km service. So we had a nice browse around Westfield Doncaster, and I made a few purchases:

  • A new handbag to replace my old one with the broken zip
  • A pot of Body Shop strawberry lip balm for The Baby, who's always pinching mine
  • An Oh Yeah protein bar for Bike Boy (have you seen how much fat is in those things? I'm not touching it....although they are delicious)
  • Some vitamins and a few mundane grocery items
  • A pedometer - I agreed to join a team at work in the upcoming corporate 1000 Steps Challenge, so gotta have one of these things
  • A couple of sports crop tops
  • A cute top from Just Jeans (stupid name, since they obviously don't sell just jeans) for my eldest niece for Christmas - that's one gift ticked off the list.
  • Some new lingerie from Myer....they were having a huge sale on the Bendon Elle MacPherson range. Good bras make such a difference - I even look like I have boobs. Bike Boy was well pleased. :-D

And Mum bought my birthday present - a new camera bag - although my birthday isn't till December. I'll try hard to forget what it is between now and then, so I can get a nice surprise. LOL.

I didn't take my trusty cooler bag, just figured I'd manage my meals somehow. The first stop was Coles to get a bottle of water. Then morning tea was a protein bar from GNC and a black coffee - easy. Lunch was a little more challenging - shopping centre food is SO crappy in general. Eventually we settled on Japanese food, which wasn't a bad choice.

So the car got serviced and plenty of shopping was done - I'd call that a successful day. I'm just trying not to think about the frightening amount of money I handed over to the nice man at the Honda service place....

The Loot:


Deb said...

That a girl! Nice 'haul' on the shopping!

Debstar said...

What a shopping trip! Wish I could like that. My problem is getting swarmed by moths when I open my wallet then actually releasing the money when the shop assistant tries to take it off me.

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