Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dam-it! (pun intended)

Aargh! We've just been upgraded (downgraded?) to Stage 2 water restrictions! Aargh!! The stupid dams are only 44.8% full, and it looks like being a dry summer, so the government has hit the panic button. Of course, they could have switched all the city park watering systems over to recycled water years ago. And fixed all the fountains so they recycle the same water. And maybe stopped Citylink from using OUR DRINKING WATER to stabilise their stinking tollway tunnel. And perhaps built the Thomson Dam where it would actually catch some water. And oh...a hundred other water-saving ideas. *sigh*

I really noticed this weekend that all the usual green bits around our area are looking decidedly brown. In October. Usually the parks and open spaces are nice and green for at least another month or so.

Looks like we better get that rainwater tank we've been talking about. And instal the grey water recycling kit that's been in the laundry cupboard for the last 2 years. I'm sure the plants won't mind a little detergent.....


Jadey said...

Responsible thinking there Kek my dear. Seems our government has truly lost it - I didn't realise we had hit stage 2 already (bum) and half the people I speak to hadn't even realised we had stage 1!

It's not being publicised like it used to be.

Debstar said...

We're in stage 4 here. No hoses attached to taps thank you. No hosing of eaves, or cars or boats or anything. Hubby is very happy with his rainwater tank.
My mother-in-law lives in Toowoomba (thankfully). There its stage 5. Can't even bucket water onto your plants. She mumbles and grumbles about but I ask her "do you want plants or do you want to continue drinking water" Its getting dire there.
BTW I've meant to tell you, even when you were chubby you were really very attractive, do you see that when those before and after pictures jump out at you or do you only see the fatness?

Kek said...

Yeah, I know could be much worse and we're very spoiled in the capital cities. We'll get the tank etc so at least I can keep the garden alive. And it should save us a few dollars too.

And thanks for the compliment....I don't know, Bike Boy always told me I was beautiful, but then he's biased....and we're always critical of ourselves, aren't we?

Amy said...

Sigh. Water is a worry that just about keeps me awake at night. That's probably not normal. I just don't understand why people are so complacent about it...

(sorry to bombard your blog, if two comments counts as bombarding! :)

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