Monday, October 09, 2006

Dreams, traffic and aeroplanes

Today has not been exactly brimming with fabulousness. It hasn't been a horrible, horrible day either, just one of those that's full of annoying little inconveniences.

First there was the whole getting-up-at-4:30am thing. I got to bed a little later than I planned, and then ju-u-ust when I was teetering on the very precipice of sleep, I had to get up to unload some of the water I'd stupidly drunk during the evening (I never drink much after dinner for this exact reason). THEN I woke up at 1:00am. And 2:15am. And 3:00am. And 4:10am. And finally, when I was right in the middle of a dream about a personal one-on-one training session with Bill Phillips :p the #%*!-ing alarm went off. Talk about lousy timing!

After that my day went more or less as usual, until it was time to head home. I planned to leave at 4:00pm, since I had to pick up The Baby at 5:00, but was delayed and walked out at 4:10. Still plenty of time....until two cars in front of me in Essendon decided to have a collision and block both of the through lanes to the Tulla Freeway, where I was heading. Aargh! So I took a right turn onto some side road, even though I had NO idea where it went, and eventually found my way through to Pascoe Vale Rd, which would take me to the freeway. Except I wasn't sure where I'd come out, so I turned left when I should have turned right. *sigh* Check the time - no worries, I can cut through Glenroy, round the back of Fawkner cemetary, onto the Hume Hwy and still make it on time. "Oops, that was Glenroy St", thinks I as I sail past. Uh-oh. No U-turn anywhere here. Double aargh! So, after driving halfway to Sydney and back (well, it seemed like it) I eventually got to the school at 5:10, to find my anxious son waiting at the gate for me.

Then when I get home, I realise that I forgot to return a DVD that was due back yesterday, so now we owe a late fine. :-( AND Bike Boy rings from Brisbane airport to tell me that his plane has sprung a hydraulic leak or some such, and he looks like being a couple of hours late getting home from his Very Important Meeting.
:-( :-(

....He did text me 10 minutes later to advise that the Qantas Club had just brought out party pies, so HIS evening obviously got better.


Kathryn said...

Do workouts in your dreams count? Sounds like a great way to multi-task :)

Hope the evening got better.

Kek said...

Of course dream workouts count, Kathryn...they better anyway, since I missed mine this morning. :o(

Actually, I'm sure a dream workout with Fab Bill counts for 2 normal workouts. ;-)

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