Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eek! Those dreaded before photos!

I've had a lot of new clients start recently and while they have different goals, backgrounds, personalities etc, they all have one thing in common - they hate their before photos. The comments accompanying the photos are, without exception, completley negative. "Gross", "yuk", "I feel sick when I look at them".....stuff like that. And they all say that NOBODY is ever going to see those pics.

I tell them all that they won't feel the same about the before photos, once they have an after photo to put next to it. And that they will probably be showing everybody those photos that they hate so much right now. They never believe me. So - here's proof. This is me in early 2004, when I'd lost something like 15kg already and thought I was looking pretty damn good.....until I saw the photo:

I weighed around 69kg here. I saw this photo and I swore that nobody would ever see it. I even hated Bike Boy seeing it - which of course was completely stupid, since he could see the actual in-the-flesh me any time he liked. But then, I never claimed to be rational.

But now I look at it and I really have no feelings about it at all. No loathing, no disgust, nothing. It's just how I used to be. The only things I feel are satisfaction and pride at having moved such a long way from this.

And I'm posting it on the internet. Who'd have thought?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I view my before photos in the same way

MTB Girl said...

Kek, I agree with you - I never thought I'd get to this point in accepting those photos, and I have a way to go until I get to be where I want....but I no longer hate those photos. Lately I've been spending some valuable time learning about what food works for me, and what I need to do to maintain things.

I need to start moving forward again soon.

Debstar said...

Looking back on old photos like that is just like looking back on a photo of your old house. You accept you were there but you never intend to go back there.

Pip said...

I just got 'over' before photos with the same continous cycle of losing/gaining due to binge eating. So I threw out most of my photos, - 'clutter'. But did let my mate Suzanne take those ones late night bikini ones she did on the cruise, looked at her digital. I felt SO self concious and FAT in my bikini then.

With being down around 16kg from the cruise now, now 69kg like your before pic as well as being heaps fitter I'm now lots more body confident!

Shauna said...

you know, you really are the bee's knees! i think you look pretty damn foxy in this picture, but have been snooping around at your BFL site and blown away by your transformation :) even after losing 70-something kilos i still don't look half as good as your before photo, but you really have inspired me that it's possible to transform... woohoo! :)

Flea said...

Oh good on ya! You are very brave.

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