Friday, October 06, 2006

Fishy stories

Debstar's recent post about an unfortunate fishing trip reminded me of the last time I ventured out on a boat....with a slightly dodgy inner ear and a raging hangover. Not a great mixture, let me tell you.

We were in Hobart in early 2003, staying with friends, and they took us out on a little fishing trip, down the Derwent River....and out to Storm Bay, on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean. Perfect day, sunny, not much of a swell, but enough for me to get that rolling feeling in the pit of my stomach. And in spite of all my efforts to not look at the horizon, I ended guessed it...hurling over the side of the boat.

Luckily the boat was a cabin cruiser, complete with bed (smelling slightly of diesel, but beggars can't be choosers) so I could go have a little lie down....and sleep for a couple of hours. Meanwhile the guys were scuba diving and picking crayfish off the ocean floor. Luckily my appetite returned by the time lunch was served.

Here's me - not looking my best - with some of the catch:

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