Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Fridge

I'm a bit of a neat freak. Nobody would ever guess that, since lately my house looks like several cupboards exploded and spewed their contents all over every surface in various rooms. But I assure you that's strictly temporary.....once I catch up on some stuff, I'll get to the tidying. Or perhaps when we get around to extending the house and I actually have somewhere to put the junk.

Anyway, one thing I hate is stuff on the fridge. It drives me crazy. I like my fridge doors pristine, and preferably free of fingerprints too. I should probably never have had children....

Somehow all of this crap has accumulated on the freezer door of late:

It includes Number One Son's work shift schedule, my meal plan (not that I need it any more, I know it off by heart), a flyer and tickets to the primary school musical extravaganza (can't wait for that one....), The Baby's rehearsal timetable for said school musical, the kids' chore roster....which I amusingly titled The Woods Sweatshop Job Roster - THAT went down a treat...and various magnets with phone numbers of my chiropractor, podiatrist and so on.

The fridge door is adorned only by one thing - my autographed Daryl Braithwaite poster, which my friend Kate got for me one night after seeing him perform. Ah...memories...reminds me of the bedroom wall of my teenage years, which was embarrassingly wallpapered with Sherbet posters.

And then there's my favourite fridge magnet, which was a gift from the gorgeous NickiB:

Good thing I can lift a quite a lot....


Debstar said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this. I went to NOT one but 3 Sherbert concerts when I was a teen but my favourite poster was Creedence Clearwater Revival. There was a blond guy in that band that was bewdyful.

Kek said...

Only 3 Deb? I'm sure I went to at least 7.... I had a thing for Garth Porter for a short while, but my true love was always Daryl. *sigh*

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