Saturday, October 14, 2006


I've had a couple of blah days this week - no real problems, just a lot on my plate and I was feeling kind of like everything was too much for me. And as usual when that happens, I struggle a bit with food and motivation in general. But this morning I had two reminders that my life is pretty fabulous compared to some and my determination and general woohoo-ness has returned.

The first one was an email I received from a friend I made through an online fitness forum. Karen was just writing to say hi, but I was reminded that she has a really tough time of it - her daughter has a serious medical problem that requires constant care, trips to hospital and major worries for her parents. She also lost her sister in law to cancer just recently and has had some other family problems this year. But she trains hard, she mostly eats right, she's studying for her Certificate III in fitness and she just got a job at her gym. She was also one of the Women's Fitness & Health Body Blitz monthly winners in 2004 - you can see what she initially achieved here.

The second was when I logged into another forum and found a link to this article about a really amazing father, Dick Hoyt. I'd seen the video on YouTube before, but didn't know the story behind it. The guy does Ironman contests, pushing and towing his disabled adult son. He ran the Boston marathon pushing his 43 year old son in a only 35 minutes off the world record. Watch the video - if it doesn't make you cry, you're not human.

So, obstacles? Pfft! I don't have obstacles, just a few minor distractions. These people inspire me....and make me feel just a little ashamed...

No excuses. Just do it.

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Definitely puts your life in perspective.


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