Thursday, October 19, 2006

Loving your body

This morning, I was doing my blog-surfing catch-up and, thanks to Debstar, I discovered that yesterday was Love Your Body Day. Huh, that one completely passed me by. Must have been well-publicised....not!

Anyway, then over on Skwigg's blog, I came across another link to the Dove Evolution of Beauty video, which I'd already seen, but which is well worth another look, and which ties in nicely with the whole "Love your body" theme.

And that brought to mind a great article at, entitled "Why don't you look like a fitness model?".

I remember when I was overweight, often thinking that when I lost weight, I'd do *insert fun or ambitious activity here*. And that's been a common theme I've heard amongst those who are losing weight - or who want to - or who are in some other way unsatisfied with their bodies. Of course, you can't just put your life on hold until the excess kilos have magically evaporated. Nor is life necessarily going to be better once you reach your ideal weight - although shopping for clothes will undoubtedly be a less frustrating experience. All of your emotional issues will still be there, your real or imagined character flaws, your lack of money, dissatisfaction with your job/marriage/friends/house/whatever. Unless you take action to improve those things too.

I'm still guilty of disliking my body - or parts of it - at times. Mostly though, it serves me well, and I think I should appreciate it's functional qualities more and focus on how it looks a little bit less.

I like the idea of a Love Your Body Day. I think we should have more of them.


Sara said...

More and more of my favorite bloggers are writing about this very subject. Could it be that we're actually turning a corner with self-acceptance and finally getting the reality check we need? I hope so! It's nuts to me that we think EVERYTHING will be better when we lose 10 pounds/3 clothing sizes/5 inches/our jiggle, but I'm guilty of it too. And I must remind myself everyday that if I don't like myself NOW, I won't like myself if/when I am 10 pounds lighter. A true transformation really does happen from the inside out.

Deb said...

What a great post. Why do we have such a challenge with embracing the beautiful bodies we've been blessed with? I say we all need to get that turned around! ;)

Sara said...

Yes this is right and it goes further. Being thin does not make life suddenly wonderful AND it is not suddenly easier to eat well and exercise when you are thin. This is why I think slow fatloss is better than the 'grit your teeth and bear it for 12 weeks' version I used to go in for. Go slow and you will learn the skills necessary to stay fit and healthy. It's about living, not die(t)ing.

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