Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mmm...lazy Sundays

Well, as lazy as they get for me these days. I slept in till 7:40am, so woo-HOO!! I made my favourite buckwheat protein pancakes for brekky and ate them with strawberries, blueberries, a big glob of yoghurt and SF syrup. YUM. All good fuel for my shoulder and leg workout. And yes, a gym workout still counts as a lazy Sunday activity. For me, anyway - I love heaving those weights around. Hey, it's my idea of fun, OK?

I actually backed off the weight on my barbell squats just a little, so I can concentrate on technique. And I was well pleased with my butt-almost-to-the-floor form. Boy, am I going to feel those tomorrow! :-) I'm only lifting around 32kg, but that's because I'm completely paranoid about my back giving out on me again, so of course I'd rather go too light than risk another injury. The weird thing is, I can lift the same amount on leg extensions, so that just makes me feel like I'm being a wimp with my squats. Oh well, better to be safe than very, very sorry.

I did some strength and fitness testing on a client yesterday, so we have a basis for comparison to see how he's progressing in a few weeks' time. And that made me wonder about my own progress. I know I've built some muscle, and I know I've gained strength, but it's hard to make comparisons when my training program is different to what I used to do. Maybe I'll do some strength tests myself shortly, and compare them with the results I got about this time last year.

If anyone's interested in fitness testing, the Sports Coach site has some great tests to choose from, lots of which don't require any fancy equipment. I think I'll stick to the 1-minute pushup and 1-minute situp tests, and maybe the 90 degree arm hang test, if I can find a suitable bar to hang from. I'll have to get Bike Boy to be my timekeeper - I'll report on the results when I get around to it.

As for cardio-vascular fitness's probably best to just avoid that till I get some running happening again and make some major improvements in that area. Hmm, maybe I'll start today and go for a short run later. Maybe.

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