Thursday, October 12, 2006


The lovely Loos-iyanna Sara made this comment about my post Not better yet: I also hate being late. It's a disorder, I think...

I think she may be right. Or perhaps it's an actual disease. Yes, that must be it - and an infectious one, at that. I seem to have given it to all of my children, who leave for school 20 minutes before they need to....

It's no big deal - I mean, when I have to go somewhere, I just figure out how long it will take to get there (say 30 minutes), then add 5 minutes in case I can't find a park, 10 minutes in case there's a traffic jam along the way... wait, make that 15, it might be a really bad traffic jam.... and then I'd really better be 5 minutes early anyway, in case I need to fix my hair or make a pitstop or something, so that means I have to leave home 55 minutes before I'm expected wherever. Oh hell, just make it a nice round hour! And then of course everything goes smoothly and I arrive half-an-hour early.

I don't know why Bike Boy finds that annoying. Why can't he just be ready on time?

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Jadey said...

I try to be like that and so keep a magazine in my car so I have something to kill the time between when I get to where I ams upposed to be and the actualy time I am supposed to be there.

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