Monday, October 16, 2006

Thieving buggers!

I’m sitting inside, tap-tap-tapping away at my keyboard, when I hear a ‘clunk’ outside. I turn my head and look out the window, but …nothing. I go back to my work and a few seconds later there it is again. ‘Clunk’. Again, I look and again see nothing. This goes on for a while, when I suddenly realise what it is.

I go outside, look up through the clear roofing over our deck, and see two white blobs sitting in a tree branch. Bloody cockies! They’re picking almonds off the tree, biting through the soft green fruit and eating the unripe nut out of the middle. Then they drop the fruit to the ground…or onto the roof. Hence the ‘clunk’ I keep hearing.

They’re extremely early this year – usually they wait until the nuts are almost mature before they strip the tree, in about December. The drought must be seriously affecting their other food sources.

Since Bike Boy wasn’t home, it was up to me. I picked up one of the discarded fruits off the ground and hurled it into the branches, startling them and making them fly away squawking. Of course they’ll be right back. But I feel better.

The evidence.....grrr. I'll have to get busy with the broom again. That counts as cardio, doesn't it?

Strong, sharp beaks? You betcha! They just bite clean through the fruit....

There are still SOME left on the tree. Not for long, I'm sure.


Jadey said...

Aww take heart - at least they aren't ugly pests like pidgeons or something. Poor things. I wish we had cockies and lovely birds here

Kek said...

Well, I don't mind the rosellas pinching the least they leave some for me. And they don't rip chunks off the branches!

I'll send the cockies over your way if you like. :-)

Deb said...

Pardon the American girl, but what are cockies? Like racoons or squirels? I don't even know what they are and I'm sure they'd drive me nuts! Would a glass of wine help you tolerate them? ;)

Flea said...

Oh how naughty can they be? We have an almond overhanging our fence, it's our neighbour's tree, so guess what lies ahead for me too.

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