Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tomorrow's the big day

Tomorrow is the big Around the Bay in a Day bike ride. No, not me, I'm not doing it - I'm not completely crazy, ya know. It's Bike Boy, of course. So, he'll be getting up at stupid-o'clock and heading to the city to join the throng of around 8000 crazies who are willing...hell, even cycle two-hundred-and-something kms around Port Phillip Bay.

So how do you ride AROUND a bay, I hear you ask? Easy-peasy, you take the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento (or the other way around, depending on which direction you're riding) to get across the narrow bit of water at the bottom. This event is also about the only time you can ride a bike across the Westgate bridge. Not that you'd want's bloody windy up there.

Bike Boy's been carb-loading for the past few days. Insane amounts of pasta, mountains of bread, piles of fruit, bowls full of cereal, tubs of yoghurt, huge glasses of flavoured milk. And dim sims, pizza, chicken schnitzels (he ate two last night - with a whopping great pile of chips. And gravy) and God knows what else. He is looking a little tubby tonight....but he'll come home tomorrow night a lot thinner, with very flat-looking muscles, in spite of all the Gatorade, Power Bars, gels and other such stuff that he'll be consuming along the way.

Of course, I think he's completely mental. But I salute him.


Debstar said...

I'm taking it Bike Boys back is on the mend....until he gets back from his ride today. I think there'll be another massage being asked for tonight.

Kathryn said...

Ow, my butt hurts just thinking about it. Of course, if I did it, it would be around the bay in a week!

Amy said...

Oh, THAT'S what that was! I was dodging cyclists the whole way home from Geelong on Sunday. Well not really, I just stayed far away from the left lane in fear of one of them falling off in front of me or something. And yelling to the ones in bright coloured shorts that black is the only way to go (with the windows closed of course). :D

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