Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An unpleasant reminder

Sometimes I get a bit complacent and think I can get away with doing certain things, when I really should know better. So over the weekend I ate the following wheat-based meals:

  • French toast (the healthy kind with egg whites and whey protein, of course)
  • A chicken and salad sandwich
  • A thick slice of banana bread from the French bakery (nothing healthy about this – yum!)
  • Toast with my scrambled egg whites
  • Half a dozen water crackers

Most of this was healthy food, and the quantities were within my meal limits, so it was no big deal as far as calories went. By Monday morning however, my intestines decided that they were very unhappy with the residual starch from all this wheat and I spent the entire day having agonising cramps. Not to mention the lovely bloating that left me looking like I was 5 months pregnant. And for the love of God, nobody had better have stood behind me! Hmm, this might also explain why I was tired and lethargic.....

Once again, I’m reminded that when it comes to diet, sticking to what’s good for you is a really smart idea. *sigh* Back to rice, sweet potato and oats this week.


Debstar said...

Quote: Hmm, this might also explain why I was tired and lethargic.....

Might also explain why your desk has been moved to the far corner of your office. lol

Deb said...

OMG!!!! I have the most insane bloating and never thought it could be wheat. (I know....I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed!) I'll have to read up on that. You may have saved me here..;)

SeLiNa said...

I second you on that kekky. i decided to have a wrap for lunch on saturday with chook and salad, yep, yum, tasted great, thought 'my lordy i've been missing out'..... till later that afternoon, the toilet and i became close friends... that's all i can put it down too! the only thing that was different in my diet *shrugs* Back to the rice, sweet potato and oats for me too.

Kaddy said...

hey kek, i've been trying to get in to the ZBFL forum and am going round and round in circles! i get taken from one page to the next but still can't seem to get in anywhere!

Any ideas??

Kek said...

Kat, I'm not sure what the problem is. First you have to register a global account with ezboard. Once you've done that, you can apply to join the forum...then the administrators have to approve your membership and you get an email confirming it's been done.

If you try to register a local account, it won't work....maybe that's the problem?

Sara said...

Oats are far superior to wheat and you can use them (or their flour) for just about all of the things you would use wheat for. Plus they have lignans and lots of soluble fibre. Go the Oat! No wonder Scotland is populated by feisty and cute warriors on horses.

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