Friday, October 13, 2006


I just dropped The Baby off at the Blue Light Disco. He chattered away to me in the car, held my hand as we crossed the car park, paid his $10 at the door, went through the turnstile and waved to me. Then he spotted some friends and I just know he won't give me another thought until I arrive to take him home.

He's 10, and he's off dancing and running wild (well, as wild as you can get under the watchful eye of the local constabulary) and having a great time. Probably flirting with girls. Or at least pulling their hair and calling them names.....which amounts to the same thing when you're in Grade 5.

Waahhh! Did I mention he's 10?

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Sara said...

How do we make it stop? HOW???

:: ahem ::

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