Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weird Food Part I

The first in an occasional series on strange things you can find on the supermarket shelves....

Excuse the cruddy (and tiny) photo, it was taken with my phone. I was on a foraging expedition the other day, allaying my fears of the potential catastrophe that running out of food at the office would bring. So I was strolling around the supermarket in search of nuts, strawberries, protein bars, baby spinach, cans of tuna, chocolate (how did that find its way into my basket??), when I spotted this cheese-in-a-can. I gather that one is supposed to squirt this orange paste that vaguely resembles cheese onto salty crackers or something.

I have to ask: Who eats this stuff? And could it get any more processed?


Two points I need to make here:

1) You get some odd looks from other shoppers when you start snapping photos of food at the supermarket; and

2) I absolutely did not buy any of those jars of Nutella that can be seen in the photo. Honest. Can I help it if they put the health foods in the same aisle as the sandwich spreads?


Sairs said...

I didn't realise that spray cheese was an actual food, I thought it was invented either as a weapon for Halloween hi-jinx, or perhaps as a threat that parents could use on bratty children ("Sit down NOW or I'll go and get the spray cheese!!")

Or, what an awesome thing to have on hand in a food fight! A can of cheese, someone's nostril just happens to get in the way, voila! Instant winner!

(BTW, if you are in a food fight, try ice magic in an earhole. It sets! BWAHAHAHAHA)

Debstar said...

cheese in a can???!!! BLEUCH

MTB Girl said...

Did too! Did too! I bet you've got a jar of nutella in your drawer at work for "emergencies" :P Sorry, this may be the post exam champagne speaking!

Kathryn said...

I have to confess, there is a part of me that wants to try it. I love fake cheese!

Debstar said...

I've just finished grocery shopping. Guess what I found. MARSHMELLOW SPREAD!!! Yep right there next to the Nutella spreads. Seems Nutella attracts all the wrong friends to his shelf.

Marshmallow spread must be OK. Its got egg white and sugar in it. Carbs AND protein, it just has to be good for you right??

Ahem I'll go now.

Kek said...

That would be Marshmallow Fluff, I take it? I spotted that a few weeks ago and I stood there open-mouthed as I wondered who actually bought it. I mean, you might as well take the sugar bowl and pour the contents down your throat.

Sara said...

HA! My husband LOVES the cheese in a can. It's practically a food group to him! BARF! I will admit, however, that I love the marshmallow fluff. Put it on whole wheat bread with peanut butter and, well... yeah. Good stuff. I don't buy it anymore, though.

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