Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stop the presses!

The most amazing thing happened: I had half a block of Lindt dark chocolate in my pantry FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. And I actually forgot it was there!

Quick, check my temperature - I must be seriously ill or something.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Too young?

Now this is disturbing!

You can never have too many supplements

I think my supplement collection is getting a little out of control. I have things stashed in cupboards all over the place. Lookie:

Kitchen cupboard:

The Powerade is Bike Boy's. All the rest are mine.

Laundry cupboard (no room anywhere else for huge 5lb tubs of whey protein):

The Catapult, Race Recovery and gels are Bike Boy's, the Protein Crunch is mine and I generously allow him to share the whey protein. And there's another 3kg bucket of white chocolate flavoured whey on top of the washing machine, because it won't fit in the cupboard. Yes, there are some laundry things in there as well, and some Christmas decorations, for some reason...

Desk drawer at the office:

Only one bar and a tub of protein powder in here. But note the in-case-of-emergencies can of tuna and the 6 varieties of tea. Plus dishes and cutlery.....and a bottle of nail polish and remover. Hey, ya gotta do something when things are quiet at work.

One more tub of whey protein and a shaker on my shelf. Plus a ziplock bag with the day's fish oil and other goodies. And my inspirational (read: "Put the chocolate Freddo down. NOW!") pic of Monica Brant. Oh, I think there's even some work stuff there. How did that sneak in?

Plus there are some bars in the pantry, some RTD shakes in the fridge and Bike Boy has a stash of gels, bars and other stuff at his work too.

It might be a scary exercise to add up what it's all worth.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Just thought I'd mention....if you're ever thinking of slacking off for a couple of weeks, and then taking an entire week off from training, just be prepared for the inevitable soreness that will follow once you get back into it. And whatever you do, DON'T be foolish enough to run sprints and do multiple sets of 20 pop squats...especially not 2 days in a row.

Wonder what it costs to get those disabled railing thingies installed next to the toilets?

*hobbles off to bed*

Saturday stuff

I was going to post this really clever piece all about some university studies on eating habits that I recently came across and a whole lot of stuff about how consuming lots of less calorie-dense foods leads to eating less overall and blah-de-blah.... but my brain seems to have gone all mooshy today and thinking is just too bloody hard.'s about some SHOPPING instead?

I've been browsing through some online sites, looking for Christmas pressies for various interstate rellos and came across this gadget. I do wonder who you would give a bad breath checking gizmo to? Someone with a very thick skin, perhaps? Maybe somebody you really don't like?

I was very happy to discover that Lush has a brilliant online store - since there isn't a shop within cooee of where I live (and I get to the city maybe twice a year. How sad is that?). I see many, many options for nieces, sisters and female friends...and a few for moi as well.

I need something nice for my dad and stepmum in Perth, and for my half-brother, who must be 33? now. Wine and beer are always safe bets, so I trawled around looking for hampers and boxed giftpacks, and you know what? Cellarmasters have a pretty good range.

Then I got lazy and started browsing through Maggie's shopping guide from the Mighty Goods 2006 Covet Holiday Gift Guide. Well, 'browsing' is a bit of an exaggeration, since I didn't actually get past the first item: these fabulous handmade chocolates by Recchuiti of San Francisco. Mmm. *drifts off into a chocolate daydream*

Oh, were there other things on the list?


Speaking of gifts, the other day I did something I've never, EVER done before. I bought my own birthday present, for Bike Boy to give to me. This is so totally out of character for me - I just don't know what came over me. I was out at lunchtime, getting some printing done at Officeworks, picking up this and that for the kids for Christmas and a few groceries and so on, when I walked past a jeweller. I did what all girls do and peered in the window at all the shiny stuff, and then on an impulse, I went inside and asked the shop assistant what they had in the way of emerald and diamond rings.

Now, there's a back story to this. For my 40th birthday, I wanted a ring - a classic eternity ring style, with a row of emeralds and diamonds. We looked and looked, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. After an entire afternoon of searching through every shop in the CBD, I 'settled' for a single oval emerald with diamond baguettes. Nice, but not what I wanted. I did get matching earrings for Christmas that year, and a matching pendant in Bangkok a couple of years later, but wasn't THE ring. Then, after losing such a lot of weight, my ring started sliding off my finger, so I put it away, intending to get it resized.

But then I found Exactly What I Wanted at lunchtime the other day. And I heard myself saying to the shop girlie: "wrap it up - I'll take it" and pulling out my Amex card.

Every year we play the birthday game - Bike Boy asks "what do you want for your birthday?" and I say "I don't know - surprise me". So this year is a little different. I rang him and said "guess what you bought me for my birthday?" He took it pretty well, just asking how much he spent. Teehee. I even got it gift-wrapped, to save him the trouble. :-)


I was going to post a photo of the fabulous dinner my wonderful husband cooked me tonight. But Blogger is doing its 'thing' with photo uploads. Again. So I'll just describe it instead.

Pork steaks, roasted, with a sauce made from the pan juices, some mango chutney, curry powder and other stuff (hey, I'm not the cook, OK?) and served with "Jamie vegies". This is something we learned from watching endless episodes of Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef TV show. It basically involves lots of vegies and lots of olive oil and whole garlic cloves, which you then proceed to roast the crap out of. Add a glass or two of wine and YUM!

Oh, and free meals absolutely have to be eaten at the dining table, not perched on a stool at the kitchen bench. Plus some mood music is essential. So we had virtuoso guitarist Slava Grigoryan with his brother Leonard, playing Concerto de Aranjuez (fondly referred to in our house as Concerto de Orange Juice). If you've never heard this, go find a copy - the second movement is sublime!

Wine is good! *giggles*

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yeah! I'm back! *punches the air*

Gee, I seem to have got a bit distracted lately. Back to my fitness theme…..

After a few weeks of pretty half-arsed training, I finally have my mojo back. It was one of those situations where I let one thing go from my usual routine, and that tipped everything else out of balance. Thanks to a pretty heavy workload lately, I’d been burning the old midnight oil a bit, which led to I can’t be bothered taking my supplements, which segued into I don’t have time for cardio, so I’ll just skip it today, which accelerated into a rapid downhill slide into Giant scones with lattes really seem like a great morning tea and Oh, I’ll just have chocolate for lunch and Wine is a carb portion, isn’t it? I pretended that all was fine for a while, but when I began to blow off my weights workouts, I knew I was in big trouble! And of course, then I got sick – well, surprise, surprise!

So, as of Monday this week, I am strictly following my entire routine – not just the bits I feel like today – and you know what? I feel really, really good! And weirdly thinner already – after only 4 days.

It’s not often that I lose my will to get up at sparrow’s fart and go get all sweaty in the gym. One thing I’ve learned when it happens is that it’s usually best to allow myself no more than a couple of days of sloth and then just get on with it, whether I feel like it or not. The alternative is a fast trip to flabby hell. And I’m not going there!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Roll on December 22nd!

I saw a poster for this event on the noticeboard at work whilst I was on my way to the Ladies' the other day. Of course, given the 3-4 litres of water I drink every day, I wasn't in a position to stop and find out the details, and it slipped my (feeble) mind on my way back to my desk.

So tonight I Googled and found all the details on Global Orgasm Day. Forget raffle tickets, coloured ribbons and the like - here's an awareness day where you really do get more bang for your buck! (sorry) *snort!*

When marsupials attack!

The Baby headed off to school just before 8:00 this morning, and I started to get ready for my first client. I’m standing in the shower with my hair full of shampoo, when there’s a commotion outside the bathroom door. I turn off the water and investigate, and discover that my poor child has been traumatised by a Wild Animal, at which he freaked out and ran home to Mum. He was sobbing and shaking in distress, and I discovered that he was chased by……a kangaroo!

I did what all good mothers would do in this situation - I fell about laughing. Turns out that he cut through the park in our street as usual, and onto the street behind ours, and when he turned the corner, he was confronted by a roo. He crossed the road and it turned and headed towards him, at which he completely lost it and ran. The poor confused animal headed in the same direction and he was convinced it was chasing him. It wasn’t a big male, or a mother protecting her joey – it was apparently less than a metre tall, and grey, so I’m guessing a young Eastern Grey, separated from its mob – we have lots of those around here.

It apparently headed off up our street, bounced onto the boot of a parked car and off again, before disappearing round the corner. By the time I got my clothes on, grabbed my stuff and got into the car to drive The Baby to school, it was a good 10 minutes later and the roo was nowhere to be seen. I wanted to call the ranger to hopefully get it returned to (slightly) safer surrounds, but the critters move so fast, it could have been anywhere by then.

I had trouble convincing The Baby that it wouldn’t have harmed him, that it was probably way more frightened of him than he was of it. I did explain that if it had been chasing him, it would have caught him easily, but I don't think he was at all reassured. As I dropped him off at the school gate, he declared “and I’m never walking to school again!”

Ah, politicians

We're in full-swing State election mode here at the mo'. Now this affects me very little this year.....For the last 20-something years I've been a polling place manager, but this year I have my own business to consider and can't afford to take a 15-hour day out of my week. So, all I have to do to fulfil my civic duty is turn up on Saturday to place the numbers in the boxes on the ballot paper. And recycle the deluge of paper that keeps appearing in my letterbox.

Amongst today's mail was a letter from the Liberal candidate (who, by the way hasn't a snowflake's chance in hell of getting elected in the staunch pro-Labour outer northern suburbs) promising free beer for all if he gets elected .......Of course, I may have got that wrong.

Anyway, regardless of what his election promises are, I have one question: How can a 13-year-old possibly be eligible to stand for parliament? Check him out:

God, I feel old.

More movies

So we saw The Prestige the other night, and loved it. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s the story of two magicians who start out working together – kind of apprentices to an older, experienced guy – and end up arch-rivals. Their lives become a constant game of one-upmanship, which they really take to extremes. The whole thing is quite dark, and a kind of whodunnit with a magic twist. There’s more than one puzzle to solve, and while I picked up a few clues, I didn’t manage to put the whole thing together until the big All Is Revealed final scene. But maybe I’m just a bit slow…

I’d give it 5 out of 5. It would have been a 4 out of 5 rating, but there was that scene where Hugh Jackman takes his shirt off. - Definitely worth an extra mark.


While we’re on the subject of movies, we also got Brokeback Mountain on DVD on the weekend. Overall, I liked this one too – the acting was great, the story poignant, the scenery breathtaking, and Ang Lee’s direction brilliant as usual. My only complaint was that it was a bit long and, well…slow.

The movie is based on a short story by Annie Proulx, who’s one of my favourite authors. But I recall that her book, The Shipping News, which was a riveting read (well, it would be, wouldn't it? It did win the Pulitzer Prize, after all), failed to sparkle when translated to the screen. Bike Boy’s theory is that her books just don’t translate well into movies.

So I’m testing out his theory - I went out and bought the book yesterday. I’m looking forward to reading it, once I find an hour or two.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Important life lesson #1

A while back, when Bike Boy and I worked in the same office, I had to get my photo taken for a new building pass. So, before ducking downstairs for said photo, I walked past BB's desk and asked: "Does my hair look OK?", to which he replied "Yeah, it looks fine". Stupidly, I then went ahead and got my photo taken, collected my pass..... and MY HAIR WAS COMPLETELY MENTAL. And I mean sticking-up-on-top kind of mental.

I charged back to Bike Boy's desk and demanded: "How could you tell me my hair looked OK? Look at it! For the next 3 years, I'm stuck with a building pass with a photo of me with crazy-woman hair!" To which he looked bemused, shrugged and said "It looks OK to me".

So - life lesson #1: NEVER rely on a man's opinion when it comes to matters of fashion, hairstyle, or even whether you have your shirt on backwards.

They are obviously missing some genetic material that allows their vision to function correctly. It must be on the missing bit of the Y chromosome, along with the cling-wrapping gene, the inserting-quilts-in-covers gene and the finding obvious things within plain sight gene.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I just saw this photo of Jordan over at Go Fug Yourself and I'm speechless. I thought it was a hallucination, so I looked away, blinked and looked back again, but nope, she's still there.

I'm wondering: is there a genetic defect that causes a person to be born with absolutely no taste at all?

What to do with 30 minutes?

I had 30 minutes to spare the other day and couldn’t decide what to do with it. It’s not long enough to watch an entire movie, to read a novel, or to research the effects of high consumption of trans-fats on the human cardio-vascular system, but you have to admit, it’s a decent enough period to have all to yourself.

By the time I dithered over what to do, I only had about 10 minutes left, which was barely enough time to hang out a load of washing. So I came up with this list, so that the next time I’m fortunate enough to find half an hour somewhere, I’ll have some options to choose from:

- Do The Age crossword or Sudoku
- Get a bikini wax
- Read through a magazine and enter all the competitions
- Make - and drink - the perfect cup of coffee
- Give myself a manicure or a face mask
- Ring a girlfriend for a quick chat….of course anything under 2 hours qualifies as “quick”.
- File that pile of receipts on my desk and enter them in my cash book. I never said it had to be fun!

I’m open to any suggestions for additions to my list.

Hot Date

Woohoo! Tonight Bike Boy and I are going out to the movies and dinner. The movie will be The Prestige… no idea what dinner will be, we’ll wander along the main street and see what takes our fancy.

Which reminds me: I completely forgot to post about seeing BoyTown a few weeks back - we thought it was HILARIOUS. Mick Malloy has a wicked, wicked sense of humour and who doesn’t love Glenny Robbins? He’s so….lovable. He’s one of those really endearing actor/comedians, although I suspect he pretty much plays himself most of the time. Sort of sweet, bumbling and a bit daggy. Anyway, the movie was kind of cute, but the best part of the whole thing was the song lyrics – they had us in stitches, literally crying with laughter.

I’ll report back on The Prestige later.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Better, thanks

Thanks to everyone who sent me get-well vibes... today I am actually feeling vaguely human. :-) Looks like theGatorade + water diet that I adopted yesterday worked wonders.

Back to work!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

(quick) vent

Still sick, still swamped (although I did manage to meet that deadline at the office, even if it was a half-arsed effort), but I have to have a vent about the friggen weather!

What is going ON? It's summer in exactly 15 days, and today we have:
Gale-force winds
A top temperature of 15 degrees (and it will get down to 5 tonight - oh joy!)
and the piece de resistance: SNOW.

Did you hear me? It is snowing on the outskirts of Melbourne!


I've been busier a really busy thing, so no time for blogging. *pouts*

I'm flat out with clients, and I actually have a project with a deadline at the office (eek!). Plus I'm a nasty tummy bug. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say the toilet and I are good friends.

I feel like crap, it's like the middle of winter here today, and I haven't done a single workout this week. And I'm late for work again. *goes off all sulky*

Friday, November 10, 2006


This week I reconnected with a lady who inspires me no end. Tonia Goodman did her first Body for LIFE challenge in 2004 with great success and immediately followed it with another. She then set her sights on her first figure competition in 2005, and this photo shows how she transformed herself during that time:

This woman is a pocket rocket - from memory, she's slightly less than five feet tall, and she has 4 children. She also has a heart of gold. Tonia has gone on to win a number of competitions this year, and I couldn't believe how fab she was looking when I checked her website the other day ( Here she is at a comp last month:

Perhaps I might start doing something about that vague and wishy-washy goal of mine. Might drop The Tonianator a line for a little advice.....

T-shirt overload!

I just found like a bajillion t-shirts that I HAVE to have at

Shut up and lift. Says it all, really.

Silently judging you. Er, on second thoughts, it's probably best not to advertise the fact...

If it was easy, everyone would look like this. Yeah. Quick, someone widen the door, my inflated ego can't fit through!

Here to meet boys. Why be shy about it? ...No, I'm not buying this one. I'm quite happy with my boy, thanks.

The good, the bad and the ....oh dear!

A couple of well-dressed ladies:

LOVE this dress!
Plenty of colour:

Hmm...long pink chiffon? NOT race wear, dahling! And what is with the cardigan knotted at the back?

The photo doesn't do the awfulness of these outfits justice. It was kind of Goth-meets-beachwear with bikie boots.OK, there are so many things wrong with this, I hardly know where to start. First of all, pleeeeze trim those ribbon hanger thingies off your dress before you wear it - they are not a fashion detail. And I'm sorry, but a bikini top does not do double duty as a bra. And the photo doesn't show it, but every time she moved, her undies showed. They were aqua.

A few hints on race wear: I don't care WHAT style it is, anything made from a leopard-skin print just looks tarty.

Choose your shoes carefully, you will be wearing them all day. Black feet and shoes clutched in hand is never a good look.

If you are a well-endowed lady, perhaps strapless isn't the best look for you. Unless you have some serious engineering going on underneath.

And just because you're from the country, that's no excuse for showing up in a dowdy cotton print dress with a cardigan and the straw hat you wear for gardening. It doesn't have to cost the earth to put together a nice outfit.

And one final photo - my shoes were so cute, I just had to photograph them:


Have I mentioned that getting up at 4:30am sucks big time? It especially sucked this morning, since I got to bed a little late, AND indulged in a few drinkies last night. When I say a few, I really mean A FEW. It takes approximately 2 glasses these days to tip me over the edge..... one of the sad side effects of (almost) giving up alcohol.

So, after a few champagnes at the races (4 of those weeny little plastic flutes, barely half full, so about equivalent to 2 normal glasses), then one scotch and two red wines, staying up with Bike Boyto watch Wednesday's taped episode of Thank God You're Here seemed like a good idea.

This morning I was supposed to train shoulders and legs after my early client session, but I looked at the dumbbells and thought nah.... that's just not happening. Rest day it is!

Is it OK if I just go back to bed now?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A day at the races

I had a brilliant time today - I went to Oaks Day at Flemington for the gazillionth year in a row (actually, I think this is the 14th...God, that makes me feel SO old!) with my friend Janene. There's so much to do there - bet on the horsies, drink champagne, do our best Trinny & Suzanne impersonation (have you seen some of the outfits that women think are acceptable to wear to the races?), drink champagne, admire the gorgeous rose display, drink a little more champagne, bet on the horsies some more, cruise the course looking for fashion disasters to giggle at....... You get the idea.

The day always passes really quickly, and before we knew it, we were heading out to the taxi rank surrounded by drunk, dishevelled young things, tottering along, holding their stilettos in one hand and their hats in the other. That's the ones who weren't unconscious... or vomiting in the gutter. Yeah, way to have a good time.

I had an interesting experience though - I got chatting to an old gentleman who was sitting next to me, and he turned out to be Jack Absalom, who was the original TV bush guy, as well as an opal miner, well-known painter and several other things. Seems he comes over for the Cup carnival each year and stays for the week. He was a really charming character.

So, to the important stuff....the photos -

The crowd at 10:40am: And at 3:00pm, just before the feature race. Another record, apparently. Does ANYONE go to work at all this week?

Janene and I, snapped by an obliging race-goer:

Cute outfit. Ooh, there were horses there?

Looks like Blogger doesn't want to upload any more pics, so I'll add them separately later.

Apparently, Number One Son was there somewhere...not that he'd want to hang out with his Mum and her friend (SO not cool). Or fork out the $100+ for the grandstand seats we had. I did get a text message from him at around 2:00pm, saying he was up $80 for the day so far. No doubt he drank the profits later, rather than, say, paying it off his car loan. *sigh* He is 19.

The only cloud on our sunny day was the nasty fall in the very first race, where two jockeys went down, and champion Keiran McEvoy was knocked unconscious. There were some anxious moments when he just lay motionless on the track for a good 10 minutes, before being carted off in an ambulance.

Apparently he suffered "slight bruising to the brain" and is stuck in hospital for 4 or 5 days, poor wee man. Ah, could have been worse....

More photos to follow.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I *heart* the postman

OK, so it was actually a postwoman, but today she brought me parcels. I LOVE getting parcels in the mail. It's way more fun than the usual assortment of bank statements, bills and junk mail.

So, internet shopping - how good is it? You click a few times on a website, enter your husband's credit card number, and they send you stuff! Cool. Today I got a box of goodies from Evelyn Faye Nutrition, including a new big tub of Ladybird Protein Crunch. Now I can make my choc-cheesecake thing again.

Coincidentally, I was training a client this morning at the skanky gym, when I ran into Helen, the lovely sales rep for Ladybird/Redbak. I seem to meet her all over the place. Probably because it's her job to BE all over the place. It's always a pleasure to see her anyway, she's a sweetheart. :-)

Oh, and the postie also brought me a fab book entitled Play as if Your Life Depends on It. Sara put me onto the Go Animal website a while back, and recently I've been using some of their ideas with my clients - it's so much fun! The idea is to make training functional and fun, turn it into a game so that clients barely even notice that they're getting a workout. Click on the 'Games' link for some really great ideas to make your training something to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The two beautiful young ladies are my nieces, and the little red-heads belong to the bride and groom. And that's my mum and two of my sisters with me (the one in red is stepmother of the bridegroom).

I better go make a slide show for the family now......

Hooray for public holidays!

Today is Melbourne Cup Day, so I've only just got up, and it's 9:30am. Wow. A really-truly sleep-in..... can't remember the last time that happened.

I'm off to the gym shortly - I forgot to check whether they're open when I was there on Sunday, but if not, I'll just drive down the road to the cheap but skanky gym that lets anyone in for $3.30 and do my workout there.

Yesterday we went to a wedding. Monday may seem like an odd day to have a wedding, but the Monday before Cup Day has become a kind of defacto public holiday in this city. It seems that NOBODY goes to work, and all the schools now schedule a curriculum day or some such thing on that particular day. Prompted, no doubt, by the fact that less than half the class ever turned up for school.

Anyway, the wedding was nice, even though the day turned cold and windy. It was my nephew who got married. We had a fun time - I even got Bike Boy up dancing, which is a major achievement. It took me a little while to warm up, but I ended up doing quite a bit of dancing. .....Doing the Nutbush counts as an extra cardio workout, right?

I took my camera and snapped away happily, and when I got home and downloaded them, discovered I'd managed to take 288 shots. Um. Gee.

Here's a sample:

And one of me (not wearing track pants for a change) that Bike Boy took:

I have some others, but Blogger has decided not to cooperate with photo uploads any more, so they'll have to wait. And I need to get my arse to the gym.


I'm sure I posted this link already, but it doesn't seem to be there.....

If you want one of those t-shirts, here's where you get it:

Monday, November 06, 2006

Run like a girl?

I am SO getting me one of these:

It reads:

Yeah, I run like a girl


Funny thing....Bike Boy kind of...well...confiscated my credit card, and I needed it to order the t-shirt. So I asked nicely if I could have it, and he CAN'T FIND IT! He *thinks* he may have accidentally cut it up, thinking it was his expired card, when the new one arrived. Sheesh.

So I just used his. :-D

Sunday, November 05, 2006

That's QUEEN bitch to you.....

I've been more than a little tired lately, which comes of burning the candle at both ends. Note to self: Get more sleep.

Anyway, I'm told by those near and dear to me that I'm being a CRANKY-ARSE BITCH. Hmm. Perhaps I'll just use my desk calendar to sum up how a typical day goes when you're seriously sleep deprived.


9:00am: 12:00 noon:


I'm fine. Really.

Again I ask...what's YOUR excuse?

The Round 5 featured challengers are up on the Body-for-LIFE website, and when I saw this guy's photos, I did a double-take, caught my breath and yelled "HOLY CRAP!" If Joshua Sundquist can squat 205 pounds with one leg (and no, I don't mean single-leg squats, I mean the kid ONLY HAS ONE LEG!), then hey, the rest of us have nothing to moan about.

You can read Joshua's story here.

And on the subject of inspiring people, Deana Langham is living proof that age is no barrier to building your best body. She was one of the Top 15 finalists last year and has recently completed another 12-week challenge, with outstanding results.

What's amazing about Deana is that she's 63 years old. This lady is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out ....not to mention unstoppable So here's proof that you can still be a HOT BABE in your sixties. If you're reading this, Miss Deana, you should be mighty proud, girlfriend. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. :-)

Testing 1, 2, 3

Blogger did NOT want to play nice last night and I was majorly pissed off when I lost two posts. So...this is just a test, to see if I'm allowed to play today.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hallelujah, it's

Today it has been bucketing down most of the day, which is making me go around grinning like a complete idiot because, HOORAY, I don't have to water the garden tonight. So, Hughie, just keep sending it down!

The only downside to this was that I had an outdoor client session this morning. Luckily there's a big picnic shelter at the park we use, and thanks to the weather, there were no picknickers today. It's amazing what you can do in a small space with a skipping rope, a couple of sets of dumbbells or medicine balls and some picnic tables and benches. Good thing Liz doesn't mind walking lunges...or maybe she's just not game to complain. ;-)

OK, so here's the most obvious result of my clumsiness the other day. It's still very ouchey, and the photo really doesn't do the huge technicolour bruise justice. Well, it's kind of tricky taking photos of your own knee! Anyway, there's this nice big U-shaped bruise surrounding the little graze and it still hurts like crap!

The ankle is giving me some trouble too - I'm going to get my chiropractor to take a look at it tomorrow. I'm assuming it's a minor sprain or strain, but it's making walking any distance or at any decent speed difficult. And I only have 2 speeds: extra-fast or stopped. Ve-e-ery frustrating.

Boo hoo

On my way back from a client session today, I took a detour past my old family home. Mum sold the house in March this year and moved to a smaller, newer place nearby after Dad was placed in a nursing home. The old place needed a lot of repairs and the block was way too big for her to manage, and she just didn't have the cash needed for all the upkeep. So selling and buying something cheaper that needed no work and had a more compact garden made sense.

I didn't really care when Mum moved. No pangs of regret for the loss of my childhood home or anything, which kind of surprised me a bit. Then last week I heard that the developers had moved in and started demolition work - they're planning to build 3 townhouses on the block - so I thought I'd go past today and check it out. This is what I found:

It's completely and utterly gone. Nothing left at all, not even the gum trees, the silky oak, the prunus, the big plum tree, or Dad's pride and joy, the bloody powton tree (that's another story). And I feel a bit like somebody died. How odd.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rampant consumerism

I just got a fancy new phone, the Nokia N70. It's very shiny. :-)

I'm still trying to figure out how it works, but it has a 2MP camera (my recently replaced first digital camera was only 2MP), a second camera on the front of the phone, so you can take piccies of yourself and see what you're photographing, it does video clips and of course you can download all your favourite music, send emails, and do all manner of wonderfully technological things. I believe you can even make phone calls on it.

Did I mention it's shiny?