Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ah, politicians

We're in full-swing State election mode here at the mo'. Now this affects me very little this year.....For the last 20-something years I've been a polling place manager, but this year I have my own business to consider and can't afford to take a 15-hour day out of my week. So, all I have to do to fulfil my civic duty is turn up on Saturday to place the numbers in the boxes on the ballot paper. And recycle the deluge of paper that keeps appearing in my letterbox.

Amongst today's mail was a letter from the Liberal candidate (who, by the way hasn't a snowflake's chance in hell of getting elected in the staunch pro-Labour outer northern suburbs) promising free beer for all if he gets elected .......Of course, I may have got that wrong.

Anyway, regardless of what his election promises are, I have one question: How can a 13-year-old possibly be eligible to stand for parliament? Check him out:

God, I feel old.


Debstar said...

Its worse when the new doctor looks like this and you need a pap smear done.

Kek said...

Haha, now that is scary!

Actually, during one of my stays in hospital last year, I was asked if I'd mind if some med students came and talked to me (seems I'm an interesting specimen). So three of them paraded in, and I swear that they were all Doogie Howser lookalikes!

If you added their ages together, they couldn't have added up to more than 35!

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