Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boo hoo

On my way back from a client session today, I took a detour past my old family home. Mum sold the house in March this year and moved to a smaller, newer place nearby after Dad was placed in a nursing home. The old place needed a lot of repairs and the block was way too big for her to manage, and she just didn't have the cash needed for all the upkeep. So selling and buying something cheaper that needed no work and had a more compact garden made sense.

I didn't really care when Mum moved. No pangs of regret for the loss of my childhood home or anything, which kind of surprised me a bit. Then last week I heard that the developers had moved in and started demolition work - they're planning to build 3 townhouses on the block - so I thought I'd go past today and check it out. This is what I found:

It's completely and utterly gone. Nothing left at all, not even the gum trees, the silky oak, the prunus, the big plum tree, or Dad's pride and joy, the bloody powton tree (that's another story). And I feel a bit like somebody died. How odd.....


Anonymous said...

OMG, I would feel horrible. I often worry about my Nan and Pops house when they are gone. I have so many happy memories in that house and I know that it will be sold and knocked down to make room for units as it's a big block.


Debstar said...

I lived in a house in Broadbeach when I was little and was so sad when a couple of highrises went in there. They virtually took away the entire neighbourhood so there is no remainder of any of my old haunts at all.

Jadey said...

That makes sense. When it was sold you probably thought it would still "be there" and now it's not it's like someone took away the memories.

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