Thursday, November 09, 2006

A day at the races

I had a brilliant time today - I went to Oaks Day at Flemington for the gazillionth year in a row (actually, I think this is the 14th...God, that makes me feel SO old!) with my friend Janene. There's so much to do there - bet on the horsies, drink champagne, do our best Trinny & Suzanne impersonation (have you seen some of the outfits that women think are acceptable to wear to the races?), drink champagne, admire the gorgeous rose display, drink a little more champagne, bet on the horsies some more, cruise the course looking for fashion disasters to giggle at....... You get the idea.

The day always passes really quickly, and before we knew it, we were heading out to the taxi rank surrounded by drunk, dishevelled young things, tottering along, holding their stilettos in one hand and their hats in the other. That's the ones who weren't unconscious... or vomiting in the gutter. Yeah, way to have a good time.

I had an interesting experience though - I got chatting to an old gentleman who was sitting next to me, and he turned out to be Jack Absalom, who was the original TV bush guy, as well as an opal miner, well-known painter and several other things. Seems he comes over for the Cup carnival each year and stays for the week. He was a really charming character.

So, to the important stuff....the photos -

The crowd at 10:40am: And at 3:00pm, just before the feature race. Another record, apparently. Does ANYONE go to work at all this week?

Janene and I, snapped by an obliging race-goer:

Cute outfit. Ooh, there were horses there?

Looks like Blogger doesn't want to upload any more pics, so I'll add them separately later.

Apparently, Number One Son was there somewhere...not that he'd want to hang out with his Mum and her friend (SO not cool). Or fork out the $100+ for the grandstand seats we had. I did get a text message from him at around 2:00pm, saying he was up $80 for the day so far. No doubt he drank the profits later, rather than, say, paying it off his car loan. *sigh* He is 19.

The only cloud on our sunny day was the nasty fall in the very first race, where two jockeys went down, and champion Keiran McEvoy was knocked unconscious. There were some anxious moments when he just lay motionless on the track for a good 10 minutes, before being carted off in an ambulance.

Apparently he suffered "slight bruising to the brain" and is stuck in hospital for 4 or 5 days, poor wee man. Ah, could have been worse....

More photos to follow.

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