Friday, November 10, 2006

The good, the bad and the ....oh dear!

A couple of well-dressed ladies:

LOVE this dress!
Plenty of colour:

Hmm...long pink chiffon? NOT race wear, dahling! And what is with the cardigan knotted at the back?

The photo doesn't do the awfulness of these outfits justice. It was kind of Goth-meets-beachwear with bikie boots.OK, there are so many things wrong with this, I hardly know where to start. First of all, pleeeeze trim those ribbon hanger thingies off your dress before you wear it - they are not a fashion detail. And I'm sorry, but a bikini top does not do double duty as a bra. And the photo doesn't show it, but every time she moved, her undies showed. They were aqua.

A few hints on race wear: I don't care WHAT style it is, anything made from a leopard-skin print just looks tarty.

Choose your shoes carefully, you will be wearing them all day. Black feet and shoes clutched in hand is never a good look.

If you are a well-endowed lady, perhaps strapless isn't the best look for you. Unless you have some serious engineering going on underneath.

And just because you're from the country, that's no excuse for showing up in a dowdy cotton print dress with a cardigan and the straw hat you wear for gardening. It doesn't have to cost the earth to put together a nice outfit.

And one final photo - my shoes were so cute, I just had to photograph them:


Kathryn said...

My pet hate is the hat that in no way matches the dress or shoes. Some folk look like they have just borrowed a friend's hat at the last minute.

If you are going to wear a hat, it's got to work with the outfit as a whole - you can't wear a red hat without some touch of red somewhere in the rest of the emsemble.

I turn into the head of the fashion police when it comes to hats :) That and people who wear shiny stuff - sequins etc to work. Wrong, just wrong!

Deb said...

LOVIN THE SHOES! I think you may have the best taste there! ;)

SeLiNa said...

HEHEHE That post had me in stitches!!!! Great run-down on what looks like a fun day!
I LURVE your shoes!!

Kek said...

Kathryn, if you're the head of the fashion police, I must be your deputy. :p I'm sure I was channelling Trinny...or Suzanne. Whichever.

The shoes ARE to die for. And they were a factory outlet bargain, too!

Anonymous said...

My goal for next year ( when I'm rich and retired! ( I wish) ) is to find a vantage point, sip on my coffee and enjoy all the fashions. This was a bit of a pre-runner. Not so sure that leopard = tarty though! I have a leopard print dress and I think it looks ok-lol.
your shoes are great!

Sairs said...

Oh my goodness! I have those shoes in teal. I had no idea they came in pink. Super excited now, will have to find them in pink.
Somewhere after my 30th birthday I became quite girly and fell in love with pink.
Hmm... what size are those shoes Kek? If I do make it to Melb you might have to keep an eye on those around me!! :-)

Kek said...

Sairs, I think the shoes come in a few colours - I'll take you factory outlet shopping if you come over this way. Ask Sara, I'm good at shopping tours!

Oops, Linda....I'm sure YOUR leopard-print dress is lovely. Um...

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